Wii Fit Games: Your Shape: Short Review

Many people are abandoning the gym, and finding the Nintendo Wii is for more than just fun and entertainment. Several fitness games have hit the stores, one of the most recent being Your Shape, featuring Jenny McCarthy.

Your Shape Will Help Achieve Weight Loss Goals

Your Shape Featuring Jenny McCarthy with Camera (Nintendo Wii) User Rating:
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Your Shape Featuring Jenny McCarthy with Camera (Nintendo Wii) 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings. 0 user reviews
Uncategorized Your Shape Featuring Jenny McCarthy with Camera (Nintendo Wii) Your Shape Featuring Jenny McCarthy with Camera (Nintendo Wii) was developed in collaboration with fitness experts, Your Shape personalizes a fitness program to your body type, goals and schedule. The game comes with a motion-tracking camera in the package. Plug the camera into your Wii and you're ready to go! The camera scans your body so your every move can be detected and guided. Jenny McCarthy is your in-game workout buddy â?" she will motivate, inspire, and guide you as you work to reach your goals, while keeping things fun (and funny) along the way. $69.99 http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41XztmmtK6L._SL160_.jpg

A test is given to the player to assess their fitness level when they start playing Your Shape, and from there the player can set goals, and the game will tailor the individual workouts to meet her needs. One of the biggest motivating factors in getting fit and losing weight is accountability, and Your Shape has that built in. Jenny McCarthy acts as a partner who will inspire and encourage the player to keep going.

New Wii Accessory Helps Players Workout

There are several Wii accessories on the market, but Your Shape is the only one that comes with a motion tracking camera to help the player progress. The camera will project the player’s image on the television screen, next to Jenny McCarthy, and she will tell the individual what she needs to adjust to get the most productive workout.

With the use of the motion-tracking camera, players will not need to use the traditional Wii remotes which will keep their hands free to focus on exercising.

Use Wii Fit Accessories with Your Shape

Your Shape is unique in that players can use other fitness accessories they have to customize their workouts. The game will ask what fitness equipment the player has available, and then will provide workouts using the equipment the player already owns. These could be the dumbbells, platform, or mat from someone who’s grown tired of playing Wii Fit, or even non-Wii exercise equipment such as free weights or an exercise ball.

Your Shape is a revolutionary fitness game that provides over 400 exercises in both cardio and strength training, so boredom will not be a problem with this game. The game, with the help of Jenny McCarthy, motivates the athlete by customizing their workout, displaying calories burned, and accuracy so the player has something to strive for. Most of all, the participants will have fun getting in shape, while playing Your Shape.