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Wii Fit Plus is the sequel to the ground breaking Wii Fit game. Wii Fit changed the way people viewed exercise. Suddenly folks from all walks of life were able to bring fitness activities into their homes without being bored out of their minds. However, for many people, Wii Fit was not the answer to their fitness needs. The Wii Fit game did not include much in the way of structured workouts. Since then, various fitness games for the Nintendo Wii have entered the market that do include such workouts. Wii Fit Plus is one of these games.

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Uncategorized Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board Your life as a couch potato is officially over. Welcome to Wii Fit, an innovative challenge that combines the strategy of video games with the movement of exercise. Simply step onto the included Wii Balance Board and run and jump your way through energizing challenges. With more than 40 activities based on strength training, aerobics, yoga and balance, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Take the fun route to physical fitness with this new, active way to play on your Nintendo Wii.Start by creating your personal profile. Set up your Mii, enter your height and let the Balance Board take your weight. In just a few short seconds, you'll know your current Body Mass Index (BMI), a measurement used to determine your Wii Fit age. You'll also take a balance test to determine how well you can maintain your left and right balance. As you progress, you can watch these statistics improve and find the motivation to practice every day. Keep at it and soon new exercises and activities will become available. Wii Fit will even remember the activities you choose the most and put them in your Favorites category. Get out of your seat and into the winner's circle with this entertaining way to get in shape. FeaturesIncludes Wii Fit video game, Wii Balance Board and 4 AA batteries Requires Wii Remote (not included) to play Earn Fit Credits that unlock additional exercises and activities within four categories: Strength Training, Aerobics, Yoga and Balance Games Yoga exercises include Deep Breathing, Half-Moon, Dance, Cobra, Bridge, Spinal Twist, Shoulder Stand, Warrior, Tree, Sun Salutation, Standing Knee, Palm Tree, Chair, Triangle and Downward-Facing Dog Perform muscle-toning exercises such as Single Leg Extension, Sideways Leg Lift, Arm and Leg Lift, Single-Arm Stand, Torso Twists, Rowing Squat and Single Leg Twist; challenges include Push-Up, Plank and Jackknife Get moving $99.99 http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51HkVzHt9%2BL._SL160_.jpg

The structured workouts are designed for different fitness levels, so there will certainly be workouts that are suitable for you. If you are confident in your ability to make your own workout, then Wii Fit Plus allows you to program your own personal workout into the game. This is a particularly useful feature for people who have some experience in regular exercise and understand how to make a good workout program.

In addition to structured workouts, Wii Fit Plus is an improvement on its predecessor in a number of ways. It has 15 more games than Wii Fit. Some of these games may seem a bit odd, but they are just meant to be a bit of fun. You can flap your arms like the wings of a bird to go on a virtual flight. You can even get on a skateboard and do half-pipe tricks.

If you have had enough of Wii Fit and you were wondering what on Earth you could use your Wii Fit balance board for, then Wii Fit Plus is your answer. You can practice skiing down mountains. You can work on your headbutting skills for soccer. The rich variety of games and skills you can perform is what really sets Wii Fit Plus apart from the old Wii Fit.

One of the biggest selling points of Wii Fit was the fact that it could teach you Yoga. Wii Fit Plus has retained and improved on this feature. There are now more positions you can learn, including some very advanced ones.

There are many sellers currently offering Wii Fit Plus as part of a Wii bundle deal. Since the balance board is used by the game, all of these bundle deals offer the balance board as part of the Wii Fit accessories package. If you do not yet have a Wii, then you may be able to find a bundle that includes the console, game and balance board all in one.

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As mentioned above, there are a number of different Wii games that help you improve your fitness. Wii Fit Plus is just one of these. Before you buy the game, it is important that you know the differences between the games. Otherwise, you may end up wishing you had purchased a different game, such as EA Sports Active or Gold Gym’s Cardio Workout. EA Sports Active is good if you want to have a nice combination of cardio and strength training in a highly structured program. Although structure is possible with Wii Fit Plus, it does not compare to the rigidity of the EA Sports Active workouts. The same can be said when comparing Gold Gym’s Cardio Workout to Wii Fit Plus. The main difference between Gold’s Gym and EA Sports Active is the fact that Gold’s gym focuses more on cardio workouts. Aside from that, the games offer many of the same features as the others.

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Because these games are suited to different needs, some people like to buy a combination of the games so that they can have a well rounded workout routine. Even if you purchased all three of the games mentioned in this article, you will still save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on gym fees and personal trainer fees.