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Just Dance 3 Just Dance 3
The third installment of the Just Dance series features 45 new songs guaranteed to inspire some slick moves. Players of all skill levels can get into the groove by dancing through the game’s many interactive modes of play.

Just Dance Summer Party Just Dance Summer Party
Dance lovers can shake their groove things to some sunny summer hits with this bonus title in the Just Dance series. It features 20 high-energy hits for maximum danceability.

Just Dance 2 Just Dance 2
The sequel to the number one selling dancing game for the Wii offers several new features and inspiring game modes. It features over 45 songs, so everyone can find the beat that makes them move.

Just Dance Just Dance
The initial title in the wildly popular Just Dance series is a modern classic. Getting a great workout while moving to some of the most popular tunes on the planet has never been easier.

Just Dance Kids Just Dance Kids
The Just Dance series is not just for grown-ups. Now youngsters can get in on the dancing action with this game that features popular tracks re-recorded by kids.

Just Dance Kids 2 Just Dance Kids 2
Forty new dances are included in this sequel to Just Dance Kids which also features songs from some of the most popular kids’ TV shows. Now kids can burn off extra energy while learning some new moves.

The Black Eyed Peas Experience The Black Eyed Peas Experience
The Black Eyed Peas are one of the biggest musical groups in the world, and they are also known for their fresh dance moves. Players can now move with the group in this exciting game.

Dance Dance Revolution II Dance Dance Revolution II
One of the all time classic titles in dance games now has an even more exciting sequel. Players can choose from over 50 hit songs to rock out to on the dance floor.

Dance Dance Revolution Bundle Dance Dance Revolution Bundle
This bundle includes the Dance Dance Revolution dance mat controller, so players can groove without using a hand-held controller. Dozens of popular tunes are included, so there is something for everyone to shake to.

Kidz Bop Dance Party Kidz Bop Dance Party
The Kidz Bop brand has been delivering kid-friendly versions of the most popular tunes for years. Now those kids can dance along with their favorite Kidz Bop songs for a fully immersive and fun experience.

Dancing With The Stars: We Dance! Dancing With The Stars: We Dance!
This game expands on the success of the original Dancing With The Stars game by adding new stars and professionals. An electrifying experience can be had by all with just a few minutes playing this title.

Dancing With The Stars Dancing With The Stars
Gamers can now live the experience of one of the most watched TV shows with this terrific dancing title. Players can learn some of their favorite stars’ best moves by spending some time with this outstanding game.

Wii Dance Pads and Games

Wii Dance Mat Wii Dance Mat
This dance mat allows gamers to rock out to the favorite dance games with none of the hassle of hand-held controllers. It allows gamers to let loose with their favorite moves and fanciest footwork.

Wii Dance Pad Premium Edition Deluxe Non-Slip Wii Dance Pad Premium Edition Deluxe Non-Slip
An excellent choice for those who are serious about their dance moves in the Wii world. Its non-slip surface ensures that dancers only hit the floor when they mean to do so.

Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 3 Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 3
Hit songs spanning four decades of music history make up the soundtrack for this Wii-exclusive dance party game. Four players can play simultaneously, making this game the ultimate party starter.

Dance Dance Revolution Disney Grooves Dance Dance Revolution Disney Grooves
Beloved classic Disney characters and songs are featured on this kid-friendly installment in the Dance Dance Revolution series. This is a dance game fit for the whole family.

Michael Jackson The Experience Michael Jackson The Experience
Michael Jackson was one of the greatest entertainers the world has ever seen, and now gamers can mimic his signature moves with this great dance game. Players can even sing along karaoke-style with on-screen lyrics.

Country Dance Wii Country Dance Wii
This terrific, country and western themed game will have players boot scooting in no time. Plus, country music superstars supply the soundtrack for this top country dance title.

Country Dance 2 Country Dance 2
Some awesome, brand new country tunes highlight this sequel to the Wii’s first country dance game. As a bonus, players can also sing along as they perfect their dance floor footwork.

Nickelodeon Dance Nickelodeon Dance
This family-friendly dance game is the first to feature the famous Nickelodeon cast of characters. Nickelodeon Dance boasts a number of popular children’s songs, and it is outstanding for the whole family.

The Smurfs Dance Party The Smurfs Dance Party
Everybody’s favorite little blue fellows are featured in this groovy dance party game. Kids and adults alike can spend time with the Smurfs as they dance to some of today’s biggest hits.

Dance on Broadway Dance on Broadway
For the lover of show tunes there is no better dance game on the market. This title features some of the biggest Broadway hits along with genuine dance moves from all the popular shows.

We Cheer We Cheer
Players can create custom cheerleader characters in this addictive and competitive cheerleading game. Up to four players can show their spirit at a time to some of the hottest hits of the day.

We Cheer 2 We Cheer 2
The original We Cheer was so well-liked that its makers came out with an even cooler sequel. We Cheer 2 features an all-new soundtrack guaranteed to get bodies moving.

Wii Hip Street Cheer Pom Poms Wii Hip Street Cheer Pom Poms
Cheerleading games are made much more fun when these colorful pom pom extensions are used. They are perfect for use with the more popular cheer games on the market.