Wii Console Accessories

Best Selling Wii Console Accessories

Wii Console Accessories

Wii Console Bundle
One of the most affordable gaming systems on the market, Nintendo wii is also one of the most innovative with motion-sensing controllers. This complete gaming bundle provides the console plus three interactive controllers as well the ever-popular game Mario Kart. Now kids of all ages can get into the game.

Wii Hardware Bundle in Black
This souped-up Nintendo wii system improves on the original with more responsive interactive control. The pack includes the wi-fi-ready console plus three styles of controllers and two new games: Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort.

Wii Hardware Bundle in Red
The most fashionable wii ever, this console pack comes in designer red and includes a new Super Mario Bros. game as well as wii Sports: sure to bring hours of enjoyment to the whole family. The nunchuk and remote plus controllers are included along with the console.

HD Pro Component Cable
This high-quality AV cable is an extremely affordable way to enjoy wii in high definition. Compatible with most high-def TVs, this plug and go solution will immediately provide a higher quality gaming experience.

Wireless Ultra Sensor Bar
This inexpensive wii accessory enhances game play by getting rid of the wires! With an adjustable range for large and small rooms and an automatic shut-off feature, wii is now more flexible than ever.

Wii Headbanger Chat Headset
This is another product that brings gaming into the 21st century. Plug this headset into your console and slip over either ear for comfortable hands-free communication. Great for all kinds of online games.

Rechargeable Battery and Charger for Wii Fit Balance Board
Help the environment and save money with this easy-to-use charger: this will be the last battery you buy for your balance board. Even better: now you’ll never run out of juice halfway through the game.

Wii A/V Cable
This AV cable features gold plated ends and sturdy connections to ensure distortion-free play in HD. This is an extremely inexpensive way to get back into the game even if your cat chewed up the original cable.

Wii Charger Stat Battery Kit
In conjunction with the Nyko charge station for wii (sold separately) these battery packs allow you to upgrade your wii controllers and keep them ever-ready for action. A 2 hour charge provides 25 hours of game-play.

Component Cable AV Cable for HDTV/EDTV High Def (480p)
This sturdy cable brings your wii experience to a new level. Plug into any HD TV for instant eye-popping graphics. The low price means there’s no reason not to start getting more from your wii.

Wii Console Accessories

Nintendo 2000 Points Card
This points card allows to you to shop for games and other products on the wii shop channel. This is a great way to easily buy wii products without leaving the house. Earn extra points by shopping online, or make a friend happy with this useful gift.

LAN Adapter for the Wii
Turn your wii into a high-speed online gaming system with this plug-in and go adapter. This system is hard-wired for the fastest possible connection and completely compatible with wii. A lifetime warranty means that this is a permanent gaming solution.

Nyko Net Connect
This self-contained USB network adaptor offers hard-wired dedicated internet access for wii users. More reliable than wifi and fast enough to keep up with wii, this is a clean and permanent connection solution for serious gamers.

Wii AC Power Adapter (RVL-002)
This original nintendo product is intended to replace a lost or damaged AC power supply for wii. Straight from the manufacturer, this affordable replacement part is a no-hassle way to get back in the game.

Wired Infrared Sensor Bar
This wired sensor bar can be mounted on the wall or over the TV to keep cables out of the way and improve game play. This extremely inexpensive replacement part will let you get back into the game without missing a beat.

Bracket for Wii and Kinect Sensor Bar
This streamlined bracket is soft and flexible so that it will not damage your gear. Easy friction-fit mounts let you combine sensor bars and easily install them in an optimal location. Clean up your entertainment area and achieve better game-play at the same time!

Lens Cleaning Kit for Wii
Even high-tech game systems need a little old-fashioned care from time to time. Regular use of this kit lets you avoid disk-reading errors and skips and will extend the life of your wii.

New Laser Lens for Wii Replacement Part
Even if your wii is showing its age, this replacement laser lens lets you return to like-new performance for almost nothing. This part works with all wii systems and is a sure-fire way to get rid of persistent error messages on older machines.

Wii Epic Mickey Remote Charger
Achieve constantly charged wii controllers and an illuminated collectible at the same time with this Mickey remote charger. This practical device lends a whimsical touch to your decor and brings one of Mickey’s mischievous adventures to life.