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Wii Remote Controller
Ideal for all Wii games including MotionPlus games, this remote is equipped with three axis sensing of motion, and can accurately detect the turn of the wrist and body.

Wii Remote Controller in Black
Combines functionality of MotionPlus sensing and original remote, therefore can be used for playing games having no features for motion control, as well. Stealthy black color will go well with whatever Wii console color you have.

Wii Nunchuk Controller in Black
Connect this handy accessory to your remote and distribute your controls between two hands. Along with motion sensing over three axis, this controller also has an analog stick, and the Z and C buttons.

Wii Classic Controller Pro
Modern ergonomic design and well-placed buttons, makes this controller the best accessory for long sessions of gaming. It plugs into your Wii remote making it almost wireless.

Pro Pack Mini Plus Controller Set
Remote and Nunchuck set that is 20% smaller than the original, but packed with all the functions. Equipped with motion sensor, and larger 1,2 and A buttons, whose glow color can be customized.

Nerf Remote in Black
Carrying an official license from Hasbro, this remote integrates MotionPlus functionality, in a body that is made of soft foam for extra comfort during extended game play.

Afterglow Lightchuck
This controller provides excellent light effects with many LEDs encased within it clear body. Provides comfortable play with its ergonomic design, and the wire is retractable in one recoil motion.

TRON Remote Controller
This wireless controller has accents that light up for night gaming. The enhanced sleek design with rubber grips provide the best comfort for extended play.

Epic Mickey Paintbrush Nunchuk
A collectible in the shape of Mickey’s paintbrush, this fully functional nunchuk has a foam tip for safety. The body has a beautiful wood grain texture, and comes with a three-foot cable.

Wii Boss
This is an ergonomic controller shell in the classic design that can be clipped on easily to the remote. Larger D-pad and action buttons make it ideal for playing Super Mario games.

Wii Controllers

Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure Character 3 Pack (Erupter, Chop Chop, Bash)
This is a pack of three interaction Skylander figures, Prism Break, Boomer, and Voodood. They work with the Spyros Adventure game and webExperience. The pack also has three web codes, sticker sheets, and trading cards.

Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure: Character Pack (Sonic Boom and others)
Build your army one character at a time, and this pack contains Sonic Boom. These interaction figures remember their experiences in the game, and come to life as you place them on the Portal of Power.

Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure Character 3 Pack (Drobot, Flamslinger, Stump Smash)
This pack contains three interaction figures, Drobot, Flameslinger, and Stump Smash. Each of these characters has unique abilities, and you can unlock their superpowers and additional moves, as you play on.

Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure Character Pack (Stealth Elf and others)
Unleash the power of the Stealth Elf as you bring this interactive Skylander figure to life on your portal. Save Skylands from the evil tyrant, as the elf overcomes obstacles and battles in the arena.

LEGO Play and Build Remote
Fully customize your gaming experience by this building remote that comes with 31 LEGO tiles and Seperator Tool. Additional tiles and bricks can also be used to make a display stand, with the Buildable Battery Cover.

Lil’ Wave Plus in Yellow
Equipped with vibration and RealMotion sensing technology, this controller is ideal for small hands of kids. Can be used from a distance of 40 feet, and 1, 2 and A buttons light up when pressed for added effect.

Kid Friendly Remote Pack
This set of remote and nunchuk for kids comes in vibrant colors, and has oversized buttons that are ideal for small hands. The Easy-Sync feature lets you synchronize without taking off battery cover.

AfterGlow Remote
A sleek controller with LED lighting and a circuit board with color-coding, enables afterglow effects for acceleration, and on and off. Improved button layout provides better performance in action and shooter games.

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Arcade FightStick
This has authentic Japanese artwork and arcade layout, and can be connected to your Wii remote. It has eight buttons, a joystick, and Turbo functionality across multiple speeds.

Nintendo Classic Gamecube / Wii Controller
Equipped with twin thumb sticks, and eight-way D-pad, this controller is ideal for GameCube games, and works on any Wii console.

Wii Controllers

The popularity of the Wii seems to be growing every day. There are many different types of games that can now be played using the Wii console, but some of these games may work better with a certain type of controller. Traditionally, the Wii remote, or WiiMote, is the basic controller that most Wii games are played with. Depending on the game you are playing, however, you may also want to use the Wii Nunchuk controller, GameCube controller, or the Wii Classic Controller.

While all Wii games can be played individually, the Wii game system is set up as more of a family friendly, multi-player type of system. The motion-sensing technology of the game is something that people of all ages have come to enjoy, but the basic Wii remote controller sometimes works better on some games than others because of this technology. The choices and uses of Wii controllers can sometimes become confusing, especially for those who are not as adept at playing video games as others. Since everyone wants to brag about beating their friends at something and everyone wants to play the game to the best of their ability, choosing the right Wii controller for the game that is being played can be crucial to your performance. By taking a look at the various Wii remote controllers that are available you may be able to get a better understanding of what types of games they are good for and how they can help you and your comrades achieve greater results.

The WiiMote is the basic Wii remote controller and works well with many standard racing games as well as first person shooter games. This basic controller can pose some problems, however, when playing games that require quick movements that take place in a matter of seconds, such as fighting games. The standard Wii remote controller is basically just a one-hand motion-sensing controller. It works well for standard party and puzzle games, as well as racing games and some sports games. Depending on the game being played, the Wii controller will have to be held in different positions.

For sports games the Wii remote controller will be held in a way that the player will mimic the motions of real life action. For example, in baseball the WiiMote will be held like a bat and swung to hit the ball, and players will mimic the motion of throwing the ball when pitching. For racing games, the Wii controller is held in a sideways position with hands on both sides of the remote to mimic a steering wheel.

The Wii Nunchuk controller also features motion sensing and acts as a control stick attachment. One of the most popular types of games to use the Wii Nunchuk controller is boxing. In this instance the player will hold the WiiMote in their right hand and the Wii Nunchuk in their left hand to simulate punches being thrown by either hand. This is also used frequently in first person shooter games where the Wii controller is in the right hand and is used to spot your target, aim, and fire your weapon while the Wii Nunchuk controller is held in the left hand and slightly lifted to reload the weapon, as well as providing steering ability when needed.

As an alternative to the Wii remote controller and Wii Nunchuk controller, some games provide the player with the ability to use a GameCube controller. These are usually more traditional games, such as Mario Kart, that do not work well with the standard Wii controller. While the standard Wii controllers are wireless, the GameCube controller is not and must be plugged into the console in order to be useful. Having a GameCube controller for games like Mario Kart and Super Smash Brothers Brawl can enhance the experience of playing the game and make it much easier to play the game well.

The Wii Classic controller is also not wireless and does not have the motion sensing feature, but comes with dual control sticks that are similar to the controllers used with Playstation. It also features the same button configurations that can be found on the GameCube controller. This can make playing some of the classic games much easier, making the Wii Classic controller something that many baby boomers will appreciate. For those who enjoy using the Wii Classic controller, there is good news on the horizon, as it is rumored that there will soon be a wireless version released very soon.

While the WiiMote and Wii Nunchuk controller have their benefits, you may find that using a GameCube controller or Wii classic controller can help in playing certain games. For optimum performance and a more enhanced gaming experience, choosing the right Wii controller is essential.