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Wii Remote Accessories…

Wii Sports Resort 8-in-1 Sports Pack
Take your Wii gaming to new levels on a budget with the Wii Sports Resort 8-in-1 Sports Pack. With one purchase, you will receive the swordplay, canoeing, gold club, table tennis, frisbee, wakeboarding, archery bow, and power cruising dashboard attachments and redefine your game play with reaction based accessories.

Nerf Sports Pack
If you are a sports fan and a fan of the Nintendo Wii, this sports pack will come in handy. You can play Wii games, improve your golf swing, and add realism to all of your favorite Wii games.

Hockey Stick for Wii
If you prefer to play hockey in your living room instead of the ice rink, this straight blade hockey stick is the perfect addition to your gaming collection. The Full Range of Motion attachment is perfect for left-handed and right-handed players so you can win the game or even the Stanley Cup.

Prince Motion Tennis Plus Tennis Racquet
Take your tennis play to new levels with this motion activated tennis attachment for the Wii. If you want to play a match at the US Open or at Wimbledon in the comforts of your own living room, you can add realism to the match with this affordable attachment.

Official Anakin and Yoda Light-Up Replica Star Wars Wii Lightsabers – Dueling Pack
These replica lightsabers are perfect for the ultimate Star Wars fans. If you want official attachments that light up light the real things, these lightsabers are sure to help you during your Wii duel. The pack comes with two “Twist and Lock” lightsabers so you and your family can enjoy friendly competition.

15-in-1 Wii Accessory Family Pack
Why buy one Wii attachment when you can buy an entire family pack at a discounted price. This Family Pack includes everything you need to enjoy your entire library of Wii games. With racing wheels, golf clubs, tennis rackets, a combat shooter, fishing rod, and baseball bat, you can work up a sweat no matter what the weather.

Wii Bowling Ball
Do you want to bowl a perfect 300 on the Wii. The Wii Bowling Ball is the perfect accessory to help you meet your goal. This accessory makes your game play more realistic and has finger hole adapters so everyone in the family can use it.

Skateboard / Snowboard for the Wii Fit Balance Board
If you enjoy virtual skateboarding and snowboarding, make your gaming experience more realistic with this Wii accessory. You can take to the ramps or the pass and ride a real board instead of a balance board.

Rob Dyrdek Skateboard for Wii
If you want to become a pro virtual skateboarder this is the perfect Wii accessory for you. This skateboard will improve the dynamics of your skating and snowboarding games so you can master tricks and improve your scores.

Wii 7-in-1 Sports Kit
When you play the Wii, you can improve your gaming experience by investing in these easy to use attachments. The sports kit comes with a racing wheel, baseball bat, tennis racket, golf club, and remote cradle so you can take your game play to the next level.

Wii Remote Accessories…

Universal Virtual Golf Set
You do not have to drive to the greens just to improve your golf game or your swing. This attachment fastens to real clubs and comes with a practice mat made of artificial turf so you can spare your floor as you swing. Play your favorite motion-activated golf game and use a golf club instead of your Wii remote.

Bad Chicken Wii Chicken Stick Golf Club
This Wii attachment offers a true golf experience with professionals in mind. The Golf Pride Grip and True Temper shafts are used by professional golfers so you can play the PGA tour with only the best.

Pop Star Sparkle Gloves
If you want to pay tribute Micheal Jackson, the icon of Pop, dance worry free with these fabric gloves. The gloves will hold your controller so you can use your hands and your feet without having to worry about your controller.

TT Champion Bat – Wii Ping Pong Paddle
If you play table tennis on your Wii, this 1:1 replica paddle is the perfect investment. It is not only sized right, it also weighs the same as a championship sized paddle and replaces the need for your Wii remote entirely.

Wii Game Grip
Turn your Wii remote into a traditional remote with grip, this accessory offers the perfect solution. The attachment has a rubberized grip and a joystick so you can grow to be more familiar with your game play on the Wii.

Wii Fishing Rod with Reel
Catch bass and trout without investing in bait. This extendable fishing rod Wii attachment comes with a chrome rotating wheel so you will feel like you are at your favorite lake in the comforts of your own living room.

Wii Louisville Slugger Baseball Bat
Do you want to be classified with the greats on your Wii baseball game? Invest in this baseball bat attachment and transform your standard remote into a big league-style bat so you can improve your stats and hit homers.

Team Canada Hockey Stick for Wii
If you are a Team Canada fan and you love to play the Stanley Cup on your Wii gaming console, this is a must-have accessory. The full range of motion hockey stick is perfect for right-handed and left-handed players and will make your game more realistic and more enjoyable.

Wii Rowing
This compact and non-electric attachment connects to your Wii remote and turns your Wii into the ultimate rowing machine. The tension knobs are adjustable and will give you the workout you need to tone your muscles or improve your endurance.

Wii Remote Accessories-Enhancing Gameplay

With one of the most innovative controllers on the video game console market, it’s easy to see why the Wii would need imaginative accessories to go along with its controller. The wide range of games that are available almost make it necessary to have just as wide a range of accessories, and it’s these accessories that allow gamers to take their games to new heights of enjoyment.

All of the accessories available for the Wii controller or remote use the same motion sensing technology that went into the design of the controller itself. The remote is placed into the accessory to allow gamers to experience a more realistic feel to the games that they play.

The Wheel

For fans of racing games, one of the most basic accessories available is the Wheel. Now, popular games like Mario Cart, Madagascar Kartz, and GT Pro Series can be played using the Wheel and give the gamer the feeling of driving the actual car or cart. It’s as easy as plugging the remote into the slot on the Wheel and letting the fun begin. There are a lot of styles, colors, and types available with the wheel that allow gamers to suit their wheel to their own preferences. Some of these even include a base that allows gamers to use the Wheel on a tabletop, and some also include pedals for that true driving feeling.

The Gun

Another popular accessory for the Wii remote is the gun. No first person shooter is complete without the use of a gun accessory to give that feeling of actually being in the game. Like many of the accessories on the market, the gun comes in a wide range of shapes and sizes. These accessories range from a crossbow to a futuristic blaster and gun accessories can be matched with individual games for a realistic shooting experience.

Wii Fit

Who says that gamers can’t be fit as well? The Wii Fit program proved that this wasn’t the case or at least that it didn’t have to be. The program has inspired the release of an assortment of accessories to help people get fit and stay fit. Based on the basic concepts behind aerobic workouts, accessories ranging from yoga mats and dumbbells to the balance board and wrist/ankle weights are all available to purchase individually or as part of a fitness package. It makes it easy to turn an average living room into a fitness center and help make gamers fitter.

CTA Airplane Navigator

Games like flight simulators have been around for years, and some of them like Sky Crawlers and Blazing Aces have made it to the Wii Console. These games can be played through the use of just the remote and Nunchuk, but playing these simulators can be taken a step further. The CTA Airplane Navigator takes the remote and nunchuk and turns them into a realistic control wheel like what would be found inside a commercial airplane. This allows gamers a more realistic way to feel what it would be like to fly an actual airplane.


Inspired by the popular Star Wars Lego games, swords, modeled after the ever-popular lightsaber, have been made available for Wii gamers. Now, Star Wars fans can experience the feeling of fighting a lightsaber duel without risk to friends and their surroundings. These accessories can also be used for games like Wii Sports Resort as well as the Star Wars games.

Boxing Gloves

For anyone who has enjoyed boxing games, there is nothing like strapping on a pair of gloves and going to town against an opponent. With the boxing gloves accessories, gamers can get that same boxing feeling in their games just by slipping the remote and nunchuk into the gloves. The motion sensing technology of the remote translates the gamer’s motions with the gloves and lets gamers feel like they are really fighting in the game.

Bowling Ball

One of the most unique accessories available for the Wii gaming experience is the bowling ball. Bowling games move to a whole new level with an accessory that allows gamers to play as though they were really on the lanes. The remote is plugged into the ball, and gamers simply put their fingers into the three holes like they would a real bowling ball and bowl away. It even comes with a wrist strap to help prevent the ball from getting away on those enthusiastic strikes.

Assorted Accessories

No discussion of all the accessories available to the Wii would be complete without talking about the remote itself. Even the remote can be customized to suit nearly any style with replaceable covers. A variety of skins are available for both the remote and, it’s also a great way to keep track of multiple controllers. Another example of customizing the remote is the use of the alternate controllers available ranging from the classic Nintendo controller to the GameCube controller.
Accessories exist for every aspect of Wii gaming, and this includes things like replacement batteries. Rechargeable batteries like those in the Wii Remote are great money savers, but sooner or later even rechargeable batteries need to be replaced. This is because the charge level of the batteries gets lower over time until it reaches the point of barely holding a charge. Luckily, replacement batteries designed for the remote are easily available.