Chicken Stick – A Wii Golf Club Accessory that Works

Wii Chicken Stick Feels Like the Real Thing

With the advent of a new PGA game for the Wii console, a lot of gamers are looking for a Wii golf club that fits a more natural swing style. The people at Bad Chicken, primarily a manufacturer of workout equipment, have risen to the challenge of providing a more realistic golf experience to Wii owners eager to bring real-life skill to their consoles. The Chick Stick Golf Club is a more realistic adaptation of a golf club than most I’ve seen.

First of all, let’s state the obvious: whereas most Wii golf club accessories house the Wii remote in the handle, providing an awkward grip, this one houses the remote where the head would be, making the swing of this club feel far more realistic. While not a golfer, I do spend a bit of time at the driving range, and the Wii Chick Stick is as good a representation of a real golf club as I’ve experienced. The shaft and handle are both made from the same materials actual golf clubs are made from. I found this product not only improved my gaming experience, it improved the way I played the game, allowing me to swing truer to life than I’ve been able to previously. The realism of swinging the Chick Stick as opposed to my old Wii club was unparallelled.

And that was one of the only problems I had with the Chick Stick Golf Club, is that it felt a little fragile, like any real golf club would. It won’t work with the only other semi-realistic golf game for the Wii, David Leadbetter: Personal Golf Trainer. This is a bit of a disappointment, but given that the alternative is a clunky plastic facsimile, I’ll go with the Chick Stick any day of the week.

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This is definitely a worthwhile purchase if you’re an avid golfer who enjoys Wii golf games, or even just a gamer looking for a new Wii golf club that might be a little nicer than your old one. Either way, you’ll probably get a lot of miles out of it, provided we are provided with enough compatible golf games.