Wii Lego Star Wars III – The Force is Still Strong

The Wii LEGO Star Wars games, by now, are pretty much a standard institution on the Wii console, and rightly so. They’re funny, easy to play, and feature a beloved icon of childhood, the LEGO block, so it’s no surprise that every installment brings more players. This time around, in Wii LEGO III, shows that the series is still capable of expanding and growing, while keeping the core gameplay, the very thing that makes a game like this fun, intact. This Wii Star Wars game is truly an all-ages affair as well, so it’s always a good go-to franchise when you want something tamer to play with your kids.

There’s not a lot that’s changed since the last installment of LEGO Star Wars games, as far as general gameplay go. You run, you slash bad guys with lightsabers, and you pick up the obligatory LEGO bricks that spill forth. It’s a formula that works. The added real-time strategy elements, featuring up to 200 units on the screen at the same time, are pretty impressive and play well, too.

The makers of this Wii Star Wars game, however, have neglected to fix one of the things that has always bugged me about the series, and that’s the flying. It’s clunky, it’s repetitive, and it adds nothing to the game that couldn’t be said in a cutscene. Also, for a kids game, a few of the puzzles and battles are pretty tough. It’s likely that the designers of these LEGO games have realized that an older audience certainly enjoys them and ramped up the difficulty.

The game features a four-player co-op mode, and generally transitions pretty well through different gameplay types. Completing objectives gives you golden LEGO pieces, which can unlock new characters. The game features the same story from the TV series, but done in goofy, cartoony LEGO fashion. The designers of Wii LEGO Star Wars also made sure to pack in a host of new modes for the game, such as the aformentioned real-time strategy mode, a versus mode, and even a mode where players can explore the Star Wars Universe.

Truthfully, you already know if you’re going to like this game or not, especially if you’ve played the previous installments. For some people, the Wii Star Wars LEGO games are on par with franchises like Zelda and Mario, and those people will definitely not want to pass up a purchase. If you’re a casual fan of either the games, the Star Wars universe, or LEGO in general, you might just want to rent this one.