Wii Just Dance Summer Party

Sandwiched between Just Dance 2 and the highly anticipated Just Dance 3, Just Dance Summer Party is a standalone expansion game using the same basic controls and gameplay of Just Dance 2. The game is highly addicting and extremely entertaining, sure to be the centerpiece of any party activity.

The Just Dance Summer Party Wii game plays a lot like Just Dance 2. Owners of the latter will immediately be able to pick up right where they left off and dance away to 20 new tracks, including popular hits such as Katy Perry’s “Fireworks”, The Supremes “You Can’t Hurry Love”, The Lemon Cubes “Mambo No. 5”, as well as two game-exclusive tracks.

The Just Dance game mechanics involve holding on to a single Wii remote and mimicking professionally choreographed dance moves onscreen. To help the players successfully mime the moves, figures indicating the dance steps to be performed scroll horizontally on the bottom of the screen. Furthermore, an actual animated character performs the movements in real time, and the objective of the players is to ape the routines as best as they can.

This simple dance formula has lasting appeal. To date, the Just Dance franchise is the best-selling third party video game on the Wii. The easy controls and playful gameplay makes this one of the best group games to own. Also, utilizing only one Wii remote per person means that up to four players can dance in multiplayer mode. In addition, Dance Battle Mode offers 8-player support, making this the ultimate social celebration. Additional modes include Dance Party, an infinite time selection that allows you to dance until you drop, and Just Sweat, a dance-workout combo that lets you burn off those excess calories.

The Wii Just Dance Summer Party game offers vibrant visuals that match the songs being played, as well as brightly lit neon dancers onscreen. The game is highly attractive in terms of graphics. Every song has a corresponding background and appropriate theme, making each one different and exciting.

Embodying lighthearted fun and pure excitement, Just Dance Summer Party never fails to put a smile on players’ faces, and even those born with two left feet will grow to love dancing with this video game

There’s nothing wrong with Just Dance Summer Party other than the fact that the song list is available for download for owners of Just Dance 2. Even with the two game-exclusive songs, players who own Just Dance 2 may prefer to select the tracks they want that are available in Just Dance Summer Party and download it at a cheaper price. There’s little reason to shell out top dollar for Summer Party when you can get the content elsewhere, making this release redundant.

In terms of motion sensing, the accuracy is pretty bad. In fact, merely wiggling the Wii remote and not doing any actual dancing will often register as a properly executed move. While this would normally be a huge drawback for most games, it works surprisingly in favor of Just Dance Summer Party. From the get-go, the game was designed for casual gamers and even those who haven’t touched a controller all their lives. Thus, the main objective is to, as the title suggests, just dance. The point system and all the other game subtleties go quietly in the background as players will likely be focusing on laughing at each other’s expense as they execute crazy dance moves. While inaccurate motion sensing is generally a bad thing, this is somewhat an exception.

Just Dance Summer Party is available on the Wii console and uses the standard Wii remote. Up to 4 players can play at a time, and an 8-player multiplayer challenge mode is included.

Just Dance is an extremely simple game that has steamrolled all competition. With vibrant visuals and addicting gameplay, Just Dance Summer Party will make sure your guests, family, and friends will take to wild dancing anytime this gem is loaded on your Wii. Unfortunately, most of the content on Just Dance Summer Party is available for download for those who own Just Dance 2, and with the impending release of Just Dance 3, there’s little reason to buy Summer Party unless waiting a couple of months without having your Just Dance fix is simply impossible.