Adventures of Tin Tin for Wii

Let’s be honest: usually video games that are based on a movie are pretty bad and not even remotely interesting. Often they are just limited to just the facts that the film while others will try to avoid this stigma by acting as a prequel, and we actually see quite a few of these in the form of a Wii game. However, the Adventures of Tin Tin Wii avoids this stigma by being a much more fun game than I could have expected.

As an adaption of the film, after several setbacks and delays, the game finally came to the screens stateside after having been in Europe for the longest time. Right away, you can see that Ubisoft brings and retains the same situations, facts and charismatic characters that were in the film. Load Wii Adventures of Tin Tin , get your controller and brace yourself. Are you ready for adventure?

That is exactly what this game is: adventure. While this is always good, it does have its problems. For instance, you cannot stray from the main path whatsoever, though the content does frequently change enough to keep your surroundings and situations fresh at all times. Unlike the Kinect version, the Wii version of the game has even more simple controls. The “A” button controls the vast majority of all functions while the “B” button is strictly used to combat the basic enemies that you encounter in the game.

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Graphically, the game is absolutely wonderful. Instead of taking the easy “realistic” way out, Ubisoft stayed true to the style of Georges Remi that they could. While it is not a carbon copy of his style, it does express a wealth of personality in a 2D format, and you can see the human involvement and effort that was included into making this very fun title.

Overall, there are no real complaints with the exception of the absence of online co-op. However, this was not really something which I was expecting for the Wii version; with the exception of first-party content by Nintendo, games that are released on the Wii very rarely have an online mode to access — Nintendo just does not have the same servers established.

Tin Tin is a very good game, though it comes out at a very difficult time of year. This is the time of year where dozens of titles have flooded the shelves in the hopes of being the holiday gift for the year, so most people will probably unfortunately overlook it, which is a real shame given its success at being a fun game. If there is one game that you choose to get this holiday season, pick this one up over the other games.