Bit. Trip Complete for the Wii

Harken back to the days of 8-bit gaming with Bit. Trip Complete as developer Gaijin Games and publisher Aksys Games brings you the compiled version of the 6 Bit. Trip WiiWare releases – Beat, Core, Void, Runner, Fate, and Flux – in one complete disc. With the addition of 120 new levels, playable soundtrack, and online leaderboards, Bit. Trip Complete is a must have for every Wii owner.

There’s something endearing about playing 80’s style 8-bit games in today’s modern world. Whether it’s the feel of nostalgia or the simplistic but satisfying mechanics, retro games have a distinctive quality to them. Developers Gaijin Games saw the potential of retro gaming, created the six Bit. Trip games over a short period of time – starting with Bit. Trip Beat in 2009 and ending with Bit. Trip Flux in 2011 – and made them available for download on WiiWare. The games were received with critical praise for their addicting play and novel concept of mixing the old with the new. Finally, Bit. Trip Complete for the Wii compiles all six games and adds a hefty amount of new content guaranteed to bring value for your dollar.

In Bit. Trip, the games place you in the role of an 8-bit character that goes by the name “Commander Video”. Each of the individual games has their roots in 80’s-inspired game concepts combined with the modern motion sensing capabilities of the Wii. The games also come with an addictive soundtrack that synchs perfectly with the levels and gives rhythm to the players motions. Additionally, graphics are a combination of retro and present, blending together perfectly so that it pays homage to the 80’s games while utilizing current technology.

The Wii Bit. Trip Complete game is composed of 6 games. In Bit. Trip Beat, players deflect incoming projectiles with a paddle in a manner similar to the game Pong. The projectiles start off slow and predictable, but will arrive faster and in more difficult angles as the game progresses. In Bit. Trip Core, players once again take on incoming projectiles, but in this case the paddle is replaced by a cross in the middle of the screen which fires lasers in four directions. The projectiles come in from all sides and the objective is to shoot them down with the laser. Bit Trip. Void has you commandeering a black sphere while waves of black and white blocks hurl toward you. The objective is to collect the black blocks while avoiding the white ones. In Bit. Trip Runner, you control Commander Video as he runs non-stop in a horizontal scroller. By sliding, jumping, kicking, and dodging obstacles flawlessly, you ensure that you make it to the next level. Bit. Trip Fate is a rails shooter wherein you navigate Commander Video along a set path and blast enemies and projectiles along the way. There are special items and power-ups to aid you on your quest. Finally, Bit. Trip Flux goes back full circle and utilizes the same paddle mechanics in Bit. Trip Beat, albeit with different projectile patterns and additional gameplay rules.

Each game comes with an addictive chiptune-type soundtrack which provides auditory cues to help get the right rhythm going. Also packaged with Bit. Trip Complete is an external audio sampler that lets you listen to the tunes found in the game away from your Wii. To titrate the difficulty, Bit. Trip Complete now comes with easy mode for less experienced players, as well as hard mode for veterans looking for a challenge. Also, the addition of an online top ten leaderboard gives purpose to attaining the highest score possible in the Bit. Trip games for bragging rights. Finally, a plethora of unlockable content as well as 120 new levels not present in the WiiWare versions makes Bit. Trip Complete a compilation that any retro or video game enthusiast must have.

Although the Bit. Trip Complete Wii game has something for everyone, much younger gamers may not appreciate the simplistic gameplay and retro feel that Bit. Trip Complete offers. Add to that the hand-eye coordination necessary for each of the 6 games and you might want to reconsider buying Bit. Trip Complete if the intended recipient was born sometime after the new millennium.

Bit. Trip Complete is available for play on the standard Wii console. Single and multiplayer modes are available, as well as online leaderboards for high score competition.

To sum it all up, if you were born in the 80’s or 90’s, are a big fan of retro and 8-bit games, or just want a challenge that will test your attention to detail and suck you in with its hypnotic audio, then Bit. Trip Complete is the game for you. There are almost no flaws in this game other than the fact that you might forget to take a break and fatigue yourself. If you are a serious video gamer, then you need to give Bit. Trip Complete a try.