Dance Dance Revolution 2 – Wii Got More DDR Action

Konami is back with the revolutionary series Dance Dance Revolution (DDR), this time adding more features to make the experience fuller while simultaneously going back to its roots and returning the old game mechanics that longtime fans of Dance Dance Revolution have grown to love.

The Dance Dance Revolution 2 Wii game, also known by its European title Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 5, is a precision-based dance game under the banner of the Dance Dance Revolution series, a franchise that has dominated the arcade industry since the late 90’s and has now made its way to home consoles. The series is also recognized for being the first dance and rhythm game, paving the way for more modern titles such as Just Dance.

In Dance Dance Revolution 2, the series returns with added features as well as a more refined version of the core DDR mechanics. The game involves the use of a special dance pad (which is included if you buy the Dance Dance Revolution 2 Bundle edition) that has four directional arrows – up, down, left, and right – printed on it. Players are required to step on these arrows as dictated by the dance routine onscreen. For example, if the game displays a left arrow, players must also step on the left arrow on the dance pad at the proper timing shown onscreen. The arrows start off coming slowly, and you may be misled into thinking that the game is too easy. However, as the beat picks up, you’ll soon be required to step on two arrows at once, switch between arrows at blinding speed, and prolong various steps, thereby adding more challenge to the game. Points are awarded for every successful step performed.

The Wii Dance Dance Revolution 2 game includes various modes that enhance play. Unlike other dance games, playing solo can be just as fulfilling and enjoyable as playing with friends. There’s the normal mode where gamers dance away and try to earn as much points as possible in order to unlock other songs and dance numbers as well as a doubleplay functionality where one person can use two dance mats and play with eight arrows instead of the standard four, substantially increasing the challenge it takes to successfully complete a song.

Dance Dance Revolution 2 shines on multiplayer as well. It provides versus modes where participants go head-to-head as well as various cooperative modes where players attempt to complete a song together. Up to four people may join at a time, each requiring their own dance mat and Wii remote. Players are also given additional modes such as “Workout” which allows the calculation of calories burned per dance routine, and “School” where beginners can hone their DDR skills before taking on a difficult challenge.

For the song list, Dance Dance Revolution 2 includes way over 50 tracks. Some are more recent hits like “Whip My Hair” by Willow Smith, “Baby” by Justin Bieber, and “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars. Most songs need to be unlocked before they can be played. Some of them are popular hits from older DDR entries and others are original Konami scores.

Dance Dance Revolution 2 has enough features, challenges, and originality to last gamers months of play. Also, this game is a staple at parties and group gatherings, ensuring that you receive more value for your money.

Dance Dance Revolution 2 does not have any downloadable content, meaning that the songs inside the title are all you’re going to get. Also, some of the game mechanics from previous DDR versions have been erased, namely the Balance Board mode and the Hand Markers option. Some hardcore fans may be glad that these extras have been scrapped, but others who have grown to love them may find their removal disadvantageous.

Also, since the game involves a lot of jumping, it may not be suitable to play in upper stories that have wooden floorboards. The dance mat lacks enough padding to muffle the sound and force of one’s feet, so caution is advised.

Dance Dance Revolution 2 can be played on the Wii console. It requires a special dance pad which is included if you purchase the bundle version of Dance Dance Revolution 2. Only one dance pad is included in the bundle version. The game has multiplayer modes where up to four people at a time can play, however each person would need their own dance pad and Wii remote.

Dance Dance Revolution is still the king of dance and rhythm games. Although it may not be as popular as it was back in its heyday, Dance Dance Revolution 2 proves that it still has what it takes to get players moving and grooving. Multiplayer options, workout modes, a huge selection of songs, and increasing challenges make the game as complete an experience as one can hope for. Other features from previous versions were relegated to the dust heap, but Dance Dance Revolution 2 still has all the core mechanics you’ve grown to love in the DDR franchise. It’s a solid title and should not be missed out on.