Disney Universe – Wii Got Fun!

Wii Disney Universe is a unique take on children’s games, using the capabilities of the Wii in a variety of interesting ways. The great thing about this game is that it does what Disney films have been doing for decades: it makes what is fun for kids also fun for adults. The Disney Universe Wii game allows players of all ages to explore six favorite Disney worlds. Playing as colorful and expressive avatars, you have the option to choose different costumes and effectively “dress up” as your favorite Disney characters while you explore the worlds of Pirates of the Caribbean, Wall-E, Aladdin, The Lion King, Alice in Wonderland, and Monsters, Inc.

Wii Disney Universe includes a few different options for play. Kids (or adults who grew up with these movies) can play solo, running through the worlds, bashing on opponents and solving the puzzles that they offer. Players can also engage in two different kinds of multi-player gaming, which is where things get interesting. When you play with friends, you have the option to work together to fulfill objectives or to impede one another’s progress in an attempt to be the first to reach goals. No matter how you play, by completing tasks set in the different worlds, players can unlock a vast array of costumes, allowing them to dress not only as characters matching the world in which the player is playing, but countless other Disney favorites.

Disney Universe offers the opportunity to relive our favorite tales from a different perspective. Not only is it more interactive than watching the films, but it casts you as an outsider in these worlds. The self-aware tone of the game, where the protagonists are clearly pretending to be Disney characters, adds an interesting element. Essentially, it’s a massive game of imagination, helped along by the cheerful graphics and movement-intensive gameplay of the Wii.

While Disney Universe will not pose much of a challenge to seasoned gamers, people of all ages are likely to enjoy it. The puzzles offer two levels of difficulties, with the option to turn off the arrows intended to point younger players in the right direction. This game’s lighthearted tone and easy playability make it the perfect game to sit down and play with your children. Not only will you have a blast exploring the newly created Disney worlds, but you will have the ever-pleasant experience of watching their imaginations come to life.