Get Fit With Mel B for the Wii

With the wide variety of exercise and fitness games out there, one might be tempted to dismiss Lightning Fish Games’ Get Fit With Mel B as just another one cashing in on the exercise craze. That would be a big mistake, however, since Get Fit With Mel B is a surprisingly good virtual fitness trainer that provides more value for your money than most releases on the market.

One look at the game’s title and you might be tempted to ask “Who in the world is Mel B?” Short for Melanie Janine Brown, Mel B is better known as Scary Spice, the vivacious and feisty member of the highly popular, 90’s girl-group Spice Girls. If Mel’s curvaceous and well-toned body is any indication of her capabilities as a fitness trainer, then players are in good hands.

Get Fit With Mel B is an exercise and fitness game that uses the Wii Balance Board and Wii Motion Plus to great effect. The game features a digital version of Mel B as your exercise coach and guide. Mel is a surprisingly great exercise coach, demonstrating each routine accurately and describing the correct movements you have to go through before you do the exercise. She also provides helpful commentary such as “Get a nice rhythm going!” and often counts down how many reps remain in order to give you that last minute boost of energy you need to complete a set.

The exercise routines themselves are a mix of cardio, conditioning, and muscle building to provide the optimum workout for your body. There are over one hundred individual exercises, some of them standard routines such as sit-ups, jumping jacks, and walking in place, while others are customized to include dumbbells, weights, fitness balls, or resistance bands. The great thing about Get Fit With Mel B is that the game adjusts itself to the player’s fitness level by lowering or raising the reps and also takes into consideration what home equipment the player has. Each daily session usually lasts about half an hour, but players are given free reign if they want to sweat longer and harder by having the ability to create custom routines of their own.

The exercise locales in the Wii Get Fit With Mel B game utilizes the graphical capabilities of the Wii quite well. Players can choose among exotic sites such as the Maldive Islands or workout in more homey environments like an upscale apartment. Furthermore, Get Fit With Mel B goes the extra mile by giving players a wide array of nutrition guidelines and recipes to choose from. Although not really a vital aspect of the game, the gesture is nevertheless a welcome one for gamers who want to extend their workout to the kitchen.

With additional content including a challenge section that tests your endurance on various exercises, Get Fit With Mel B is a solid contender for the best workout game in the market and is definitely a cut above the rest.

Motion sensing is much improved with the use of Wii Motion Plus, but some movements still do not register well. Thankfully, these are few and far between.

Also, it’s worth remembering that Get Fit With Mel B is purely an exercise game. Players looking for a bit of a break from working out won’t get any fitness-related minigames or fun activities in this release. It’s just working out and more working out. With that said, the Get Fit With Mel B Wii game takes itself seriously and is a great game if you want to stay healthy.

Get Fit With Mel B can be played on the Wii and is compatible with the Wii Balance Board and Wii Motion Plus. It is primarily a single player game, although there is nothing to prevent other people from following along with the exercises.

Get Fit With Mel B is a great exercise game that will leave players fitter and healthier by the time they finish. With great content and customizable routines, the game can really go a long way towards losing weight and gaining muscle. Plus, players who were fans of Scary Spice in her heyday can finally experience the thrill of having Mel B as a gym partner and coach. Even though it’s only a digital version, exercising with a Spice Girl is always a worthwhile experience.