Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat for the Wii uDraw

The diminutive versions of Marvel’s popular superheroes are back in a pint-sized adventure that will let players utilize the powers of the uDraw GameTablet to battle Dr. Doom’s evil forces.

Marvel Super Hero Squad started out as a line of miniature action figures (2 inches to be exact) of characters from the Marvel universe. Despite being a limited release, the tiny toys became a runaway hit, ultimately paving the way to its very own TV show. The animated series removed most of the drama surrounding these heroes and replaced them with slapstick humor and lighthearted comedic situations that viewers of all ages could enjoy. It had the usual super-powered battles to satiate kids, but it also contained witty humor for the adults. With the success of the show now comes a line of video games, the latest being Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat.

Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat plays like a regular beat ‘em up. The game takes place in a 3D, comic-book like world as Doctor Doom and his fellow villains plot to steal the very uDraw tablet you hold in order to manipulate and gain dominion over their pen and ink universe. You then team up with three Marvel superheroes and use their powers to smash obstacles and pummel your way through waves of enemies in an effort to stop Doom.

By tapping and scribbling away on the stylus, you can order your forces to attack specific enemies. All heroes automatically assail the targets you direct your stylus towards, and each hero can also perform their respective special abilities when ordered. However, that’s not all to it: the twist in the game is that you can also aid your teammates by drawing objects in the uDraw. Drawing an “X” lets loose a volley of bombs on that spot, a circle creates an orb of energy which you then direct towards your enemy, while a triangle creates a body double as bait. All your attacks are powered by an ink meter, and while this stays full, you can keep on using them. Other things you can do include shaking the tablet vigorously which creates an earthquake in the game’s world, and pinching and spreading your fingers on the uDraw which opens a hole in space that sucks away all bad guys.

The characters to choose from include seven of Marvel’s popular heroes, namely Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Wolverine, The Hulk, Invisible Woman, and Scarlet Witch. There are also three relatively obscure heroes in the form of Reptil, Squirrel Girl, and Falcon which only avid fans will recognize. On the villain side, you’ve got Dr. Doom, Abomination, Red Skull, and MODOK. All of them are rendered in a colorful, 3D style that is pleasing to look at and perfectly fits the lighthearted nature of the game.

Audiowise, the game utilizes appropriate music to suit the mood of the different levels. The bonus is that the characters are also voiced by their original actors from the animated series, and the same clever scripting that the show utilizes is present here as well, giving fans even more reasons to play the game.

Unfortunately, the Wii Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat game suffers from an extremely short lifespan. The six levels, which range from the Helicarrier to Sanctum Sanctorum, are over in a flash, and the game can be completed within a couple of hours. Younger players may take longer and find more value in Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat, but once the main campaign is done with, there’s little incentive to replay it all over again except to change your team’s roster.

Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat can be played on the Wii console and requires the uDraw GameTablet. It is for single player only.

The Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat Wii game has the quality, humor, gameplay, and graphics to make it an instant classic. The use of the uDraw GameTablet also goes beyond random scribbling and tapping, and you can use the peripheral to create some inventive attacks. However, it’s short length and lack of replayability takes away massive value. It’s fun while it lasts, but it doesn’t last long.

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