Most Popular Wii Accessories

The Nintendo Wii is the most popular system of the new generation of game systems, and with it being in as many homes as it is, tons of accessories have popped up. Some of them are really good, but most of them are a waste of your time! I want to share with you some of the best Nintendo Wii accessories, so you don’t have to deal any of the bad ones.

Wii Zapper is one of the best accessories that you can use. It works great with games like Resident Evil and Medal of Honor. It turns your WiiMote into a rifle that can be used with tons of different games. Buying the official Wii Zapper from Nintendo will come with Link’s Crossbow Training, a game that teaches you how to use the Zapper with one of Nintendo’s most popular characters.

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If you don’t like the feel of the the Zapper, there is also the Perfect Shot for Wii. This is a handgun, rather than a rifle, so it offers a more authentic feel for many games. Perfect Shot is made by Nyko, who is known as one of the best third party manufacturers of Wii accessories.

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The most popular Nintendo Wii accessory is the Balance Board. Every copy of Wii Fit comes with a Balance Board, and it is also used for dozens of other games. Popular games like Skate City Heroes, Yoga, and We Ski all utilize the balance board as their main controller. Wii Fit is a great game that helps you meet your fitness goals, and you get one of the most forward thinking game accessories with it!

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Mario Kart is one of Wii’s most popular games, and it comes with the Wii Wheel. The wheel is just a simple plastic steering wheel, but it adds an incredible amount of realism to driving games. This accessory is available from Nintendo and other third party manufacturers at very affordable prices.

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If playing the old-school games is your thing, the Wii Classic Controller by Nintendo is a must have. It resembles the original Super Nintendo controller, but offers dual joysticks along with the standard buttons. For those with hands that are a little too big to hold on to the WiiMote sideways for this style of game, the Classic Controller is perfect.

Having all of the necessary accessories for your Nintendo Wii enhances the game play and enjoyment that you will get out of the system. The five that are discussed above are some of the best available, use these and don’t waste your time with the others!