Slam Dunk with NBA 2K12 for Wii

I recently bought and played the new NBA 2K12 Wii. I am an avid sport gamer. I spend a lot of time playing and writing about sports games, and I would like to say that 2K Sports did a great job on the sequel to the ever-popular NBA 2K11. There was a lot of pressure placed on the company to make a new game that would be comparable to what many called the best basketball game made to date. I hope you find my review both helpful and informative, and that you’ll be able to make a more informed purchase.

Even though this game is able to be played by Wii Remote, I mostly used the Classic Controller Pro. The thing that jumps out as you come to the main menu is that when it comes to the quality of content, NBA 2K12 takes no prisoners. In addition to the Quick Play mode, where you’ll begin upon coming to the main menu, this game boasts no less than four other amazing styles of play.

Perhaps the greatest aspect of Wii NBA 2K12 is The Association, an amazingly comprehensive team-building mode which allows you to have total control of one NBA franchise, and all of the financial, legal, and scheduling duties contained within the franchise. NBA fanatics will find that this style of play is as real of an experience as it gets to being the General Manager of an NBA team. I could not believe just how many different options for customization there were. We have been truly spoiled with how great the customization of these types of games has become.

Other than The Association, there are conventional modes like Situational Play, Season and Playoffs. Situational play is interesting, because it allows you to set the score, time remaining in the game and the players who have fouled out and been injured. You can then play the game under those exact circumstances. There is also a Black Top mode, which allows players to choose between three point contests, dunk contests, games on 21, and pickup street games with actual NBA players.

I won’t say that everything was great, however. The worst part about NBA 2K12 is definitely the lack of online play. Outside of that, the ridiculous learning curve is another big drawback. Unless you’ve played NBA 2K games on Wii before, it is going to take you a while to learn how to do everything. Some of the graphics also look awkward at times. With that being said, though, I would highly recommend NBA 2K12 for the Wii for any serious NBA fan. It’s really a blast, and an interesting sequel to NBA 2K11.