Tron Evolution for Wii – Battle Grids

There is a new sequel to the original Tron movie, and so of course there is a video game that comes along with the sequel. The Tron game, Tron Evolution Wii, takes elements from both the original 1982 film and the new sequel and ties them together quite nicely. Players enter the Tron universe as Anon, a computer security program out to investigate both a spreading virus and out-of-control programs that are developing sentience.

The game is mostly one of two things. The first is platforming, running through levels doing all kinds of jumps and moves. The second is fighting, shooting at enemies, making use of Frisbee-like discs that come in bright colors. There is nothing earth-shattering about this release, but it is a title that fans of the films will undoubtedly enjoy.

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There is a lot to like about this new Tron game. The colors of the game’s universe are very faithful to the feeling of the movie. The palette is mostly shades of blue and black, with the occasional Day-Glo thrown in. This makes the game have a very nice futuristic look. The soundtrack is another highlight of the game. It is very cinematic, and would be worthy of a feature film. One of the best parts of Tron Evolution Wii is the few times you get to hop on a Lightcycle. This is the most entertaining part of the game, but unfortunately players only get to do it intermittently. The developers should have brought the Lightcycle into the game more fully, as it was one of the coolest parts of the original movie.

The biggest con with Tron Evolution Wii is the sheer repetitiveness of the gameplay. At times it seems like you will die of boredom from performing the same things over and over again. The moves on the platforming levels are very fun at first, but after a few thousand repetitions they start to get old. The same is true of the fighting sequences. The novelty of the Frisbee weapon is very entertaining, but there are only four kinds of discs. Once you use them for a few levels, the novelty wears off and the fighting becomes very repetitive. Also, the Wii version does not make full use of the Tron Wii Remote.

Other than the standard gameplay, there is really only one added feature for the game. Players can go online and play multiplayer fighting levels. This is very standard multiplayer fighting stuff, and is not tremendously entertaining.

This game is going to be a lot of fun for fans of both the original Tron movie and the new sequel. The gameplay is fun enough to keep players entertained, although it is a little uninspired and can drag on after awhile. It is entertaining enough to be worthwhile, even for players that don’t know the Tron universe.