uDraw Studio Instant Artist for Nintendo Wii

With the advent of the Nintendo Wii back in 2005 and all of its abilities, it was inevitable that the market would be flooded with Wii accessories. In particular, Wii uDraw Studio Instant Artist requires — as the very name of the game implies — a uDraw GameTablet peripheral accessory. This is because it is an art software program video game that allows its users to draw or write on the tablet using its thick stylus.

It is important to note that those who have never used a tablet before — such as with their computer — might find it difficult to use the uDraw GameTablet at first. This is because it does not come naturally to learn how to look in one place while drawing or writing on another surface. Some problems also exist with the tablet, because the cord is a little bit shorter than would be desired. This sometimes leads to the stylus not winding up exactly where you want it to be. Luckily, the tablet can be used successfully with any other video game that features the uDraw logo.

As far as uDraw Studio Instant Artist goes, there is plenty of educational value for children. One of the more important things for children to learn that they may not get enough exposure to in school is art, and this game is certainly one way they can learn about it. This includes a wide range of subjects, from the various palates and tools to shading and learning about warm and cold colors. As the game is designed to help kids embrace their creative and artistic sides, there is also a positive message here.

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Despite some troubles, it is not too difficult to figure out how to use the tablet after awhile, though there is the learning curve as mentioned earlier. While it will take some time to learn how to control your hand while watching your design appear on a different screen, you gain better control with a very thick stylus — just beware of the sometimes short cord. The instructor that appears onscreen is very calming and patient, so you never feel troubled for not getting a grasp on the tablet right away.

Finally, you are able to save your creations and upload them directly to the online community that uDraw features, and you can also choose to print out your art or share it on Facebook by way of the website. If you want to, it is also possible to showcase it to the public in the online community or you can just set it to private viewing only.

Overall, the game is pretty fun as it is just a digital form of drawing and coloring. Think a modern day Mario Paint, but without the music creator. This would be an excellent purchase for any family.