uDraw The Penguins of Madagascar: Dr. Blowhole Returns Again!

Join the most famous quartet of flightless birds in their battle against the infamous Dr. Blowhole in this adventure-platformer released for the uDraw GameTablet that will have players laughing and scribbling away in no time.

The Penguins of Madagascar were originally four supporting characters in the film series Madagascar whose members are Skipper, a cool but paranoid military specialist who views every mundane chore as a top secret army operation; Kowalski, a creative and refined inventor who sometimes goes over-the-top with complex solutions for simple problems; Rico, the psychopathic weapon specialists who regurgitates much-needed devices at a whim; and Private, the youngest and probably the most sane member of the group, although not by much. The Penguins frequently performed Mission Impossible-type scenarios to solve their everyday problems, which leads to much hilarity. Their antics proved to be popular enough that it led to the Penguins very own spin-off show in Nickelodeon.

In the uDraw Penguins of Madagascar Wii game, players take on the roles of Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private as they attempt to stop the evil dolphin Dr. Blowhole from zoo and thereafter world conquest. The gameplay involves scribbling, sliding, tapping, and moving the uDraw stylus pen across the drawing surface to complete the levels. Usually, the various game objectives involve simple platforming as players navigate the penguins across and around obstacles using the uDraw stylus. There are also items to collect at each mission which adds to the total score. The penguins have unique abilities which the player can use to get out of certain situations, as well as a game feature to “erase” obstacles with the stylus.

Gameplay-wise, the Wii uDraw Penguins of Madagascar game is straightforward and simple. However, the magic lies in the brilliant scriptwriting that contains the show’s spirit and humor. Adults playing the game will get more incentive to finish the missions by anticipating the hilarious cutscenes as the game unfolds. Various staple characters make appearances such as King Julien XIII, Maurice, and Marlene, all of them voiced by their appropriate actors. Neil Patrick Harris also lends his voice talent by reprising his role as the devious Dr. Blowhole.

To add to the game’s value, players can draw and color their favorite Madagascar and Penguins characters by using the uDraw GameTablet. Once their works of art are completed, the finished product can be printed and subsequently framed in the living room for all to see. It’s a wonderful outlet of artistic expression, especially for little kids who are fans of the show.

Overall, the Wii Penguins of Madagascar game for the uDraw appeals to both kids and adults and is far from a boring game. Good scriptwriting, simple play mechanics, and the ability to draw and color the show’s characters launch the game above par.

Players who aren’t fans of the show and its style of humor may not have sufficient reason to pick this game up. Also, the game is primarily meant for children and young players, so adults expecting both challenge and hilarity will only receive the latter.

Additionally, there are noticeable deviations in the Udraw release from other versions such as the Kinect. In the other consoles, the plot involves playing as a new recruit and working alongside the penguins as an unseen fifth member. This is not present in the uDraw version, which is scaled down in terms of gameplay and graphics. Although there are distinct features available only in the uDraw, such as coloring and drawing, those who own multiple consoles and are looking for a fuller Penguins experience may want to check out the other versions before deciding which one to purchase.

The Penguins of Madagascar: Dr. Blowhole Returns Again! is primarily a single player game for the Wii. It requires the uDraw GameTablet to play.

The Penguins of Madagascar: Dr. Blowhole Returns Again! is an awesome adventure for both young tykes and older adults with a sense of humor. The game is easy enough that a child can complete it without much supervision, as well as humorous enough to attract both kids’s and adult’s attention and tickle their funny bone. There’s little reason not to get this release if you own a uDraw and have children around the house.