Wii Bag – Take Your Wii Anywhere

If you own one of the Nintendo Wii game systems, and you travel with your Wii or take the system over to a friend’s house, you might be interested in a Wii bag made specifically for moving the game system around. There are some handy carrying bags made just for this purpose. These Wii bags make transporting your console to a friend’s house easy to do. There are two main styles for these bags. In the case of the first style, the case design resembles a typical briefcase and is constructed from a durable nylon fabric, which is available in black. This design includes a sure grip handle and comes with an extra outer zippered compartment. The main interior section is designed to hold your game console while the outer compartment carries your games, memory cards and controls.

A variation on the basic nylon design is the leather styled case. You can find the leather available in a pretty pink color for girls to use. This pink case has the same features as the black nylon style and comes with the Wii logo stamped on the front. The other style of case available for carrying your Wii console is the backpack style. A Wii bag designed as a backpack includes an adjustable shoulder strap to make carrying the system more comfortable. This product is available in white, black and blue.

When shopping for a bag for your Wii, you may see some of the case styles that have both a handle and shoulder strap for carrying. There is also a pouch style design that comes with a fold over flap front closure. When selecting the case for your system you should look for any extra pockets or compartments to hold the type of accessory items you own. When purchasing a bag for a younger child, the shoulder strap style may be easier for them to carry then a handle style model. All of these cases come with lined interiors to make sure your system travels in a safe and secure fashion.