Wii Baseball Games and Accessories

Baseball is a very popular sport among young and old alike. The Wii Sports baseball is a fun game to play, but sometimes you may want to play a game with real players and other times you may just want a change of pace. There are so many baseball games for Wii that you can find something for baseball fans of all ages and skill levels. Before taking a look at some of these games though, there is a major accessory you can add to your Wii baseball experience.

The Wii accessories for baseball are mainly limited to bats, and a Super Slam Bat can provide you with the swing you need to hit the ball well. Bats are usually available individually or in pairs. For anyone you know that has a Wii and that you are having trouble figuring out what to get them for their birthday, this could make a fine choice. It gives you the sensation of actually swinging a bat and is attractively made, featuring a wood grain finish made of durable plastic. There is a space for the Wii remote built into the handle of the bat, making it easy to use. As long as you have the room, this is a fantastic addition to your Wii baseball game.

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Major League Baseball 2K10

This could be the coolest baseball game to play on your Wii or any other game system. The motion-sensitive control system is just as good as in previous editions in simulating the actions of both hitting and pitching. This years edition features upgraded hitting and pitching controls as well as improved accuracy. The “Total Hitting Control” option gives the player the ability to hit however they want. Try to place the ball for a base hit or swing for the fences, or maybe even foul the ball off to test the pitcher’s stamina. This game also includes a “Batter’s Eye” feature that previews where a ball may cross the plate depending on the hitting ability of the player. It also features “Total Control Pitching” that will let you place the ball right where you want it and a “My Player” mode in which you can customize a player and play through a major league baseball career.

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What makes Major League Baseball 2K10 a favorite of many fans is that the game includes the teams, stadiums and players from the actual game of Major League Baseball. This new version of the game offers smoother transitions, better umpiring, and a more integrated presentation. This is the kind of game that causes divorces. Just kidding, of course, but you get the point. This is one of my favorite games of all time and it just keeps getting better year after year. If you own a Wii and you like baseball, this game needs to be in your collection.

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Backyard Baseball ’10

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Backyard Baseball

In this version of Wii baseball the players are real-life baseball players, only as a kid. This is another long running series of baseball video games that follows the rules of real baseball but offers the chance to obtain power ups and other enhanced abilities. There are kid versions of someone from every MLB team, and they are teamed up with kids from the neighborhood that come in all shapes and sizes. The game also has an adjustable difficulty setting so players of all ages can enjoy playing. The new edition features play-by-play commentary, new fields, and lighting options. Backyard Baseball is a popular game among the younger generations, and can be fun for dad or grandpa to play along with their little baseball fan. While this is great for those who are just looking to have some fun, Major League Baseball offers a better choice for those who love the actual game of baseball.

Mario Super Sluggers

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Mario is back on the diamond again in this sequel to Mario Superstar Baseball. The game features bonus play modes and motion sensitive controls, which had not been featured in previous editions. The players in the game are composed of over 40 of Nintendo’s most famous characters.There are nine different ball parks to choose from, including a castle and a jungle. There are four skill areas that each player is rated on and the team captain will also have special abilities. There are five modes of play to choose from:

1. Exhibition- Up to four players can play a single game
2. Challenge- Single player game where you compete in baseball themed contests to unlock new characters
3. Mini-Game- Nine baseball related activities including a home run hitting contest
4. Toy Field- A batting and fielding competition where the user can compete against up to 3 rivals
5. Training- Practice your skills with the option of an interactive tutorial

You can use a combination of the Wii remote and the nunchuk or simply just the remote to guide the action. The game also keeps track of records so you can have bragging rights over your friends and family. While not your normal baseball game, Mario always makes things interesting. While this game is more for the person who enjoys playing Wii rather than the fan who enjoys playing baseball, it still offers an interesting and fun-filled choice for a Wii baseball game.