Wii Boxing Games and Accessories

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Wii Sports comes with its own boxing game, which is a pretty fun game to play, but sometimes you need a little variety. There are quite a few Wii boxing games available, and like all other games some are just better than others. Today we will take a look at some of the boxing games available for Wii and see how they stack up.

Don King Boxing

King has been one of the most well known boxing promoters over the last 30 years.The game is also known as Don King Presents: Prizefighter. What’s unique about this Wii boxing game is that you don’t only get in the ring and try to beat the pulp out of your opponents, but the game also takes you through the life of a top prizefighter. In this role-playing adventure you can customize your own fighter and then make decisions for your boxer that will fulfill his needs.

You’ll need to have him spend time training as well as attending promotional events that will enable him to get better fights. The story unfolds in cut scenes and documentary style updates. The game was released in the early part of 2009 to give gamers a chance to experience what life is like both in and out of the ring for a top heavyweight contender. This is one of the more unique Wii boxing games available, and for those who like games that move along in a storyline mode and also enjoy boxing this is one Wii game you will not want to miss.

Showtime Championship Boxing

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The goal in this Wii boxing game is to become the winner of a championship belt by using your Wii Nunchuk and remote to jab and punch your way to victory. There are seven heavyweights and seven welterweights you can choose from to try and accomplish your goal. Fights take place in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and Las Vegas.

There are six modes of play to choose from: Multiplayer, Single Fight, Amateur Belt, King Of The Ring, Contender Belt, and Showtime Belt. This game was originally released at the end of 2007, and while it may present a challenge for major boxing fans, this was not one of my favorite choices. The graphics are average and the controls don’t seem to work as well as they should. For straight boxing entertainment it may have some value, but the Don King game is much easier and more fun to play.

Punch Out!

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Released around the middle of 2009, this Wii game is a throwback to the unforgettable NES game. The game features motion control options and cel-shaded 3D graphics. The tiny Little Mac is again being trained by Doc Louis in his quest for a championship belt. Just as in the earlier arcade versions of the game, the players perspective is from the back of Little Mac, who has a transparent appearance that will enable you to see your opponent. The opponents and their actions are similar to the earlier renditions of the game and the Wii controls are easy to use. Simply use the nunchuk and remote to box against your opponent, but remember no matter how hard or fast you swing, Little Mac can only do so much. Mac only gets a certain number of punches he can throw in a specific amount of time and he has to make each punch count as he is not built to overpower an opponent.

Mac can dodge punches and throw uppercuts by using the analog stick on the Nunchuk. While the opponents still get tougher the more you win, each opponent will have a secret weakness for Mac to exploit. Once again Little Mac will have to face the likes of Von Kaiser, Glass Joe, and King Hippo, and for those who really want a classic playing experience the Wii remote can be held sideways and used as an NES controller.This is one of the most classic video games of all time, and one that really needs no improvement. For those of us who remember the arcade version, the Wii version can bring back some memories while also providing hours of enjoyment. While the Don King Boxing game for Wii may present a better choice for serious boxing fans, this Wii selection is one that can be enjoyed by just about anyone.

Wii Accessories for Boxing

To really get into your Wii boxing game, you can purchase boxing gloves to enhance your Wii boxing experience. There are a number of different choices, from gloves that look like racing gloves to regular boxing gloves and even different colors such as blue, red, green, gray, or black choices. These gloves can really add to the feel of the game and are easily integrated with the Wii controller.

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While there are many Wii boxing games available, the Don King Boxing and Punch Out! selections are two of the best you will find. The Showtime Championship Boxing game, along with many similar choices, just can not compare to these other two. For fans that love boxing, especially on their Wii, Punch Out! and the Don King game are two choices that can lead to hours, days, weeks, months, and even years of fun.

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