Wii Accessories: Official Nintendo Wii Wireless Ultra Sensor Bar

Since the Nintendo Wii is one of the most sought after consoles of the year, getting the right Wii accessories for your child’s enjoyment is an absolute must. The standard Wii comes with a sensor bar, which has a long wire attached, making it great to reach places, but horrible for getting tangled up in the mass of wires which already clutter your entertainment system.

If you are looking to get rid of wires and the like, the best thing you can do is consider purchasing the Wii Official Wireless Sensor Bar accessory. This accessory completely removes the wire from the sensor bar, which makes it easy to carry if you find yourself taking your Wii places. Aside from this, it is easier to maintain, as there are no long wires to get tangled up in anything. The only downside of this Wii accessory is that it requires batteries in order to function, in, which the original sensor bar does not.

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While the batteries are a downside, its a small price to pay to have a less than cluttered environment, especially if you pack your Wii up frequently for play at a friend’s house. Wireless accessories are becoming more and more important in today’s gaming consoles, as most controllers are wireless, so why shouldn’t this portion of the Wii be wireless as well?

The Wii Official Wireless Sensor Bar is a cost effective way to go without wires so you do not have to worry about mess and clutter. It is also reasonably prices and the batteries, which power it, can last upwards of 72 hours of play time, which is a lot, considering just how few hours most people are able to log in a day. I have had my wireless sensor bar Wii accessory for about a year now and have not had any problems out of it, making it one of the best purchases for my Wii to date.

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