Wii Console Accessories: Star Wars Darth Vader Sensor Bar Holder

Have you seen the new Wii Star Wars Darth Vader Sensor Bar Holder? It is a cool looking new Wii accessory that holds the sensor bar in a position that allows for full range of motion so that the signal from the Wii remote is not interrupted while you are playing. As the name suggests, this accessory is tailor made for us Star Wars fans who have an affinity for the dark side!

What I think is cool about this is the way that Darth Vader is made to hold the sensor bar. In one hand, he holds the handle of his infamous red light saber with the beam crossing his chest in horizontal fashion. Inside the red beam is where the Wii sensor bar snaps into place. The high level of craftsmanship that went into the design is evident here in the fact that the sensor is truly a seamless fit once inserted into the red light saber beam.

Of course, the quality of Darth Vader himself is nothing to scoff at either. The sculpture-like figure is casted out of high density resin and then painted to match the character. The attention to detail will leave any fan drooling and nothing is left to the imagination as everything from Vader’s belt to his chest plate is done with precision.

If you are like me and find that both your Star Wars collection and your Wii accessories seem to grow without realizing it, then this piece was made for you. Of course, the Wii sensor bar is not included, but fret not as it was made to work seamlessly with the original sensor bars. So why not feed the fan boy inside of you and put the Wii Star Wars Darth Vader Sensor Bar Holder on the top of your list of must have Wii accessories?