Wii Console Accessories: Wii Classic Controller

Wii has become a familiar term to young and old alike. Manufactured by Nintendo, it has been marketed without the manufacturer’s name to brand it, yet familiar Nintendo video games can be played using the console and the Wii Classic Controller, introduced in 2006.

The Wii game console easily connects to the internet if a broadband connection is available. With a properly configured DSL or cable modem, along with a wireless router, the console is ready to access Nintendo games via the Wii Shop Channel on the displayed Wii menu. The packaged Wii console kit includes a Remote and Nunchuk, however the Wii Classic Controller must be ordered separately. For use, it must be plugged into the remote, making it a wireless controller. It can also be used to surf the Wii channels on the virtual console, viewable with an internet connection. When the game you want to play is located and selected, the download appears as a new channel on the Wii menu. Wii points are required for purchasing Wii downloads. A points card can be purchased at a neighborhood Nintendo retailer, or a user can buy points on the Wii Shop Channel, charging them to a credit card.

The Wii Classic Controller integrates features from the SNES and N64 controllers, and has been the target of a lawsuit for patent violations. Anascape, a Texas company that holds patents but does not manufacture products, won an initial settlement of $21 M in 2008. Nintendo has since begun marketing a new product entitled the Classic Controller Pro. Lawsuits are not uncommon in the game controller world, and some patents are so broadly defined that they apply across the entire spectrum of the controllers.

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Nintendo GameCube games cannot be played using the Wii Classic Controller. It was designed to be used only with Virtual Console games, however, there are many favorite games from which to choose, bringing back memories while challenging a new generation. The Classic Controller is a great addition to your growing pile of Wii accessories.

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