Wii Console Accessories: Wii Dual Induction Charge Station

With all of the hand held, wireless, High Definition, and portable games these days, it’s hard to think about what could possibly make life easier. Leave it to the makers of Nintendo and CTA Digital to make your Wii gaming experience that much better. The all new CTA Digital Dual Touch Charge Station has made gaming experiences all over the world one notch above the rest. Simply lay your Wii remotes on the charger base, and within hours, your Wii remotes are completely charged and ready to go.

This charging station allows you to charge two Wii remotes simultaneously, without ever having to remove the silicone protective sleeve, to full gaming capacity and in a matter of hours. After charging for five to six hours, the remotes then have approximately 13-20 hours of game play available. This charger utilizes a new induction charging technology that allows you to lay one or both of your remotes on the base, rather than connecting and lining up the small metal strips found on the bottom of the traditional remote control chargers. The Dual Touch Charge Station is also compatible with the Wii Motion Plus which charges the remotes easily while keeping the batteries in place.

Each charger includes two sets of Wii Remotes molded chargeable batteries that start charging immediately upon placing them on the base of the system. The Dual Touch Charge Station is powered by a USB cable that attaches to either the Wii gaming console or to a computer via a USB port. The LED lights then help to let you know when the remotes are charging and when they are complete.

Gamers everywhere will enjoy the ease and simplicity of the Dual Touch Charger Station, especially when they reach for their remote, to find it completely charged and ready for use.