Wii Dance: Best Dance Pads And Mats For Nintendo Wii

The Nintendo Wii matched with any of the myriad of Wii accessories has almost anything you could want from a gaming console. You can battle the enemy with a multitude of guns in Call Of Duty, or you can challenge your dance skills with a dance mat. One of the biggest games on the market is Dance Dance Revolution. With this game, you must match your dance skills against what the game throws at you. The problem with this game is the fact that you must have the dance pad accessory. When you buy the game, you will have the choice to buy the came by itself or with the pad. Going with the pad bundle is a smart choice, but what if you wear the pad out or you want a backup pad? There are several choices that you can go with.

The DDR Premium Dance Pad

The DDR Premium Dance Pad is on the best dance pads on the market today. These pads are fully compatible with the Wii system and have foam inserts that give the dancer more comfort while using the pad. This pad also has sensitive plastic buttons that are raised for superior accuracy. With this pad, you will not have to worry about it slipping because f the gripping on the bottom of the pad. Another great feature of this dance mat is the fact that you won’t have to use a dedicated outlet to power it. All of the power you need will be drawn from the Wii console itself.

The Dance Revolution Non-Slip Dance Pad for Wii/GameCube

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If you’re looking for a dance pad to integrate into your game playing that will work with both your Nintendo Wii and you’re Nintendo GameCube, you will want to go with this pad. On top of being compatible with both systems, this pad incorporates a Super-Sensitive-No-More-Delay technology that boosts the pad’s sensitivities while you’re playing the game. This pad comes with six buttons and is wired with circuitry that is the same size as the arcade game.

With either of these choices, you’ll be in good hands. Choosing a pad that is going to work best for you is best for getting the performance that you want out of your game. If you’re really looking for something cheap to replace a pad that you already have, check online for the best deals. Sites like eBay and Amazon will be able to give you a great price and even user comments on the products you’re searching for.