Wii Dance: Wii Dance Games and Accessories

The Nintendo Wii has seen a huge boom in popularity recently, in part due to the many games that involve exercise and fitness activities. Many of these games are perfect for the sports enthusiast or yoga lover. However, if you love to groove, you’ll be happy to learn that there are a number of Wii games that are perfect for you. A few of these exciting Wii dance games are described below.

Dancing With the Stars

This Wii dance game is a must have for any fans of the show Dancing With the Stars. This game allows you to play as celebrities such as Mario Lopez, Lisa Rinna, Laila Ali and Mnique Coleman, among others. Playing as the celebrity of your choice, you get to partner with a professional dancer from the show and dance to a variety of popular songs. Dance styles include Viennese Waltz, Tango, Jive, Foxtrot, Mambo and many others.

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Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party

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DDR has long been a popular game to play and with good reason: it provides fun and upbeat songs, challenging moves, and it is a great way to get your daily exercise! So, I was glad to see a version of DDR available for use on the Nintendo Wii. This bundle features great Wii accessories such as the DDR dance mats. The newly created training mode teaches you dance moves and lets you practice routines without the pressure of performing them for a score. The workout mode is a great way to work up a sweat and burn calories quickly.

Just Dance

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This Wii dance game allows you to party in your own basement and learn hot dance moves to popular songs. There is a wide variety of songs to dance to, which means that those with the pickiest of music tastes should easily find something they’d like to dance to. Scrolling lyrics on the screen allow you to sing the words to songs you don’t know as well while you burn hundreds of calories. This is a really fun way to get in your daily work out.

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We Cheer

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If you are a cheerleader, or have always wished you could be one, this is the game for you! We cheer gives you the chance to dance to hit songs as a member of a cheer team. You will burn calories while using the Wii remotes as pompoms and learning a variety of cheer and dance moves.

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