Wii Ferrari: The Race Experience

Ferrari: The Race Experience by developer System 3 gives hardcore fans of the Cavallino Rampante the experience of settling into the virtual seats of their favorite Ferrari vehicles and competing with other drivers in this adequate, but far from spectacular, racing simulator.

There are only two reasons why anyone would buy a Ferrari based driving simulator, and that is to gape in awe at the digitally rendered Ferrari vehicles and take them out for a test drive in world-based virtual tracks. In these two criteria, Ferrari: The Race Experience delivers faithfully. The game has an excellent stable of 32 Ferrari vehicles including the sizzling 458 Italia and powerful 599XX, as well as a variety of GT road cars, race cars, and classic cars. Most models have been recycled from System 3’s previous game Ferrari Challenge: Trofeo Pirelli, but Ferrari: The Race Experience still has enough new vehicles in its virtual showroom to keep any fanboy occupied.

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Ferrari: The Race Experience puts a lot of value on its digital cars. The vehicles can be tuned-up and customized to your heart’s content and then taken for a spin out on the track. There are 17 world-based tracks available, both street and racing circuits, giving players the chance to show off their models in a wide range of solid environments.

The handling is quite decent. System 3 has made sure that Ferrari: The Race Experience appeals to both hardcore racing players and more casual gamers by including an assisted mode and tutorial with racing driver Tiff Needell. Once you get the hang of the mechanics, things can get pretty fun and challenging as you race against the competent enemy AI at high speeds. When equipped with the Wii wheel add-on, the racing experience is much more complete.

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The Wii Ferrari: The Race Experience game shines with an ample supply of content. There’s the standard Career mode which lets you play with GT race, road, and classics categories that should keep you occupied for quite some time There are also the Quick Race mode, Arcade mode, Trophy mode, and Time Trial for added variety. Another nice, although incredibly tough mode to beat is Challenge Cards, which involves winning over your opponent’s cards in a nicely structured side game.

All in all, Ferrari: The Race Experience Wii game is a packed game that will provide hours of entertainment for racing fans

Unfortunately, some issues sully this otherwise awesome release. The visuals aren’t that impressive and are severely watered down from its Playstation 3 counterpart. The atmosphere and skyline are bland, and the track rendering is unimpressive as well. Furthermore, when in cockpit view, you would never guess that you’re commandeering one of the most powerful land vehicles ever made. It looks more like the inside of a Ferrari cardboard cutout. The sound doesn’t get you in a racing mood either.

If you’re hoping to go for a quick online scuffle with 15 other human players, you’ll be severely disappointed. Multiplayer LAN and online play is one that provides lasting value to this game, and it’s available on the Playstation 3 version. Unfortunately for Wii owners, you’ll be playing with your trusted friend the AI all throughout.

The game is played on the Wii console and is appropriate to use with the Wii wheel attachment for a complete race experience.

Ferrari: The Race Experience is a great Ferrari game, but if you’re looking for a great racing game, Ferrari or not, there are much better titles out there. Hardcore fans of the Italian brand will love this entry. If you’re one of them, you might want to give it a try. It’s far from perfect, but the game stands well on its own. However, if you’re someone who doesn’t know what in the world a “Ferrari” is and would just like a good racing simulator, it’s probably better to look elsewhere.