Wii Fishing Games and Accessories

Fishing is popular among many people from all generations. There’s nothing like the feeling of reeling in a big one, and although you can’t eat it, at least you can have the experience of fishing from your living room. There a bunch of fishing games available for a Wii, so here is a review of a few of them so you can get an idea what games might be best for you.

Shimano Extreme Fishing Game

Shimano Extreme Fishing is a fairly new game which was just released near the end of 2009, which is why it may be one of the more adventurous Wii fishing games. Not only can you use your Wii remote and nunchuk as a rod and reel, but the game also offers the options of spearfishing in scuba gear or doing some bowfishing. There is a wide variety of fishing gear you can choose from, including Shimano fishing rods and Muzzy arrow points. As part of your fishing experience you will be able to travel to multiple above and below water fishing areas that are located all over the world. In your journeys you will come across more than 40 different kinds of fish, but you’ll also need to look out for those nasty alligators and man-eating sharks. There are several “Tournament” modes available that each offer unique weather conditions, time restrictions, and scenery. In “Free Fish” mode you can fish and explore at your leisure. With the variety of locations along with the number of fish you can encounter and the various gameplay options, this Wii fishing game is at the top of my list and one that every Wii fisherman should invest in.

Sega Bass Fishing

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This is the Wii version of the former action-oriented arcade game and Dreamcast hit that originally came out in the beginning of 2008. This Wii fishing game features motion sensing casting and reeling controls. You won’t be bored waiting to catch a bite in this fishing game, as the goal remains to catch as many “big ones” as quickly as possible. Sega Bass Fishing offers four modes of play: Arcade, Tournament, Practice, and Nature Trip. The “Nature Trip” mode is made exclusively for the Wii game and allows the player to experience the thrills of competitive fishing minus any time limit or the achievement of specific objectives. There are a total of 15 locations including seven new ones that were created just for the Wii version of the game. The game features the choice of 20 lures and the ability to catch four kinds of bass:Northern Spike Large Mouth, Florida Large Mouth, Small Mouth, and Redeye. Although it may not have the variety of sea-life that the Shimano Extreme game features, Sega Bass Fishing is still one of the best Wii fishing games on the market. If you have a Wii and enjoy fishing games, I would recommend adding both of these games to your collection.

Reel Fishing: Angler’s Dream

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This is one of the newer Wii fishing games, just coming out at the end of the summer of 2009. Like Shimano Extreme this selection also offers the chance to catch over 40 different kinds of fish. Fishing takes place on a variety of sandy beaches and serene lakes and the fish in the game portray the fleeing and fighting skills of their real-life counterparts. Players can cast and reel just like in the real world by using the Wii’s motion sensitive controls. When a player is happy with the fish they have caught, they can bring it back to the lodge to have it assessed by the “Fishing Master”. He will not only offer expert advice but also display the new equipment you have earned by making your catch. The lodge also features an aquarium where you can house and care for your catch. You can play in “Versus” mode to compete against other players, or try and complete the ultimate goal for solo gamers by catching the “Legendary Fish”. Reel Fishing presents a different type of fishing game, and while the other two may be a little better, this is still not a bad choice for Wii gamers. The real life experience and the feature of the lodge make this a Wii fishing game that many will enjoy.

Wii Fishing Accessories

Yes, you can actually purchase a Wii fishing rod and reel. If you are a Wii gamer and enjoy fishing games, you will want to add this to your accessories. The unit is actually two plastic attachments that lock into place. The Wii controller fits in the handle and the nunchuk is used with the spin cast reel. It is very lightweight, weighing a little over a half a pound, and is a very life-like representation of the real thing.

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If you are a real fishing enthusiast, then you just have to check out The Strike Wii fishing rod – this is the king of the Wii fishing rod accessories.

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There are a number of fishing games available for the Wii, but the games listed here are three of the best. Shimano Extreme Fishing and Sega Bass Fishing are my two favorites, but the Angler’s Dream game is also very good. For gamers who enjoy fishing games, these are all selections that you will be glad to have in your Wii collection.