Wii Fit Accessories: Pushup Bar for Wii Fit Balance Board

Nintendo Wii is the one of the biggest advancement in the world of gaming. The system allows you to interact with the game you are playing and control the actions through your own body motions. One Wii game that has become very popular is the series of Wii Fit games. These games instruct you through a variety of different exercises that you perform on a your “controller” the Wii balance board. With the increasing popularity of this series of games, many additional pieces have been developed to make the experience even better. One of these additional pieces is the CTA pushup bar.

The CTA pushup bar for the Wii Fit balance board allows you to increase the difficulty of pushups on the various games that you play. This piece is very easy to set up for use. All you must do is place the bar on top of your balance board and you are ready to go. The bar platform has a layer of foam on the bottom allowing for a very snug and secure fit. Because this piece is made specifically for the balance board, you should not have any problems with the pushup bar moving and slipping while you are doing your routine.

Once you have the bar in place, you are ready to begin your workout. The way this setup works is exactly the same as pushup bars that you would purchase to place on the ground. There are two handles, one on each side of the platform, that are parallel to the sides of the balance board. All you do to use them is grab the handles and then do your pushup. The advantage of using the bars for pushups is that they raise your body to higher starting point. Because you begin higher up, you are able to come farther down allowing a much more intense workout.

This equipment has many features that make them better that most pushup bars. The bars are adjustable allowing you to increase or decrease the height of the bars depending on you’re individual strength. There are 3 different levels of adjustments on the equipment. As you get stronger, you can increase the height to give yourself a new challenge. Another great feature about the CTA pushup bar is that it is compatible with several Wii games. The games that it is compatible with are as follows: New U Fitness, Wii Fit, Wii Fit Plus, Jillian Fitness Ultimatum 2009, and Jillian Fitness Ultimatum 2010. Because the piece can be used with many games, you can more out of your money.

Unlike many additions for gaming systems, the CTA pushup bar for the Wii Fit Balance board is at a very reasonable price. You can get this piece for only 24.99 at most stores that sell gaming equipment. The package comes with 2 adjustable handles as well as an additional bar handle that extends straight across the platform giving you a benching style grip. Overall, this piece of equipment can greatly increase your Wii Workout experience while remaining at a very affordable price.