Wii Fit Accessories: Wii Fit Accessory Bundles

If you plan on using your Nintendo Wii to accomplish your goal of exercising daily or losing weight, you may want to consider investing in a Wii Fit bundle. A Wii bundle includes a variety of useful accessories and entertaining games that will keep you motivated to exercise often.

Wii Fit Bundle

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The bundle includes:

-Wii Console
-Wii Fit
-One Wii remote
-One Wii nunchuk
-Sensor bar
-Power cord

This bundle also features the Wii Sports game disc, which lets players enjoy baseball, bowling, tennis, boxing and golf.

Wii Fit 5-in-1 Bundle

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Unlike the Wii bundle described above, this Wii Fit bundle is sold separately from the Nintendo Wii and the Wii fit. It is a great buy if you already have the Nintendo Wii and Wii Fit but would like to compliment these with some extra accessories. This bundle includes the following:

-Rechargeable battery pack
-Jeli sleeve
-USB cable
-Travel bag
-Fitness mat
-A pair of textured foot socks to use with the fitness mat

The travel bag and jeli sleeve are made to safely transport the Wii Fit Balance Board. The jeli sleeve is made from a rubber material that protects the Balance Board from getting scratches. The travel bag is made of a durable nylon material and is the perfect size to hold the Wii Fit Balance Board. The fitness mat adds comfort while you use the Balance Board and fits easily into the travel bag as well.

Wii 15 in 1 Family Pack

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This bundle is perfect for fans of Wii sports games. The bundle includes:

-4 wrist straps
-6 AA batteries
-Wii Fit Plus Game
-Wii Sports Game
-2 racing wheels
-2 tennis rackets
-combat shooter
-2 wing grips
-fishing rod
-baseball bat