Wii Fit Games: A Solid Wii Fit Workout

The difference between a solid workout and a soft one can mean the difference between a six pack and a pot belly. Low intensity exercises, like walking, are great for your overall health. Also, if you currently have an very low level of fitness, then it is often best to start with low intensity workouts until you are ready to build up to something harder. However, if you really want to carve up your body or reach high levels of fitness, you will need to push yourself a bit harder than you would on a gentle stroll.

The problem is, many people are keen to get a solid workout, but they cannot afford expensive gym memberships and personal trainer fees. Fortunately, there are a number of Nintendo Wii games on the market that are designed to bring personal training into your home for a fraction of the cost. One such game is the Wii Fit game. This is the original of the Wii fitness games and it is still the most popular. Personally, we recommend buying the Wii Fit 2 game rather than the original. The sequel has many more exercises and features that will help you get that solid Wii Fit workout that you crave.

Not all of the exercises and mini games on the Wii Fit are meant to be intense. However, that is a good thing, because no one can work out at full intensity all of the time. When it comes to building fitness or losing weight, it is always best to include a mix of high intensity and low intensity exercises. The high intensity exercises will shock your body into adapting to the new behaviour. If you treat your body like it is athletic, it will respond by looking more and more athletic. The lower intensity exercises will not have such a dramatic effect on your health, fitness and body shape, but they are excellent for building a strong base from which you can really launch into your high intensity workouts. Low intensity exercises also include activities such as yoga, thus they can help you will things like flexibility, balance and stress reduction.

In total, there are about 50 or so different exercises you can do with Wii Fit 2. In particular, there are various strength exercises, such as squats, and aerobic exercises, such as running, that will allow you to construct some really good workouts. Wii Fit 2 also includes many low intensity yoga and balance exercises to complement your harder workouts.

The Wii Fit 2 game provides many different workouts for you to choose from. However, if you are not sure which ones could as “solid” workouts, look for exercises within the workouts that require a large amount of exertion. If a workout has many such exercises, then it is fair to conclude that it is a relatively solid Wii workout. Of course, if you feel up to it, you can even make your own custom workouts. Be sure to include lots of squats, lunges, jumps, running, steps and push-ups into your custom workout.

Wii Fit 2 is also compatible with some Wii accessories. The most well known accessory for Wii Fit 2 is the balance board. The balance board is great for doing activities like yoga and squats. The balance board is also able to measure your weight. Please do not be concerned if you weight is not decreasing rapidly. It is quite common for people to increase their muscle mass while they are losing weight, so they maintain their weight even though they are losing a lot of fat. The best guide to go by is your mirror. If it looks like you are becoming slimmer, then you are, despite what your scales may suggest.