Wii Fit Games: Gold’s Gym Cardio Workout

With the introduction of the Nintendo Wii to the gaming market, many people are able to do fun and effective workouts from the comfort of their own home. The strength of the Nintendo Wii is the way that users interact with the console. There are numerous Nintendo Wii accessories that record various body movement of the human players. Using the Wii accessories, the system can know when you punch, when you jump, and when you lose your balance.

And these accessories come hand in hand with a variety of games designed to help you stay fit and healthy. One of these games is Gold’s Gym Cardio Workout. Gold’s Gym is very different from the Wii Fit game that was released several years ago. While Wii Fit is useful if you want to improve your balance, learn yoga, or keep track of your weight, Gold’s Gym is for those who are committed to performing effective workouts that really burn the calories.

As the game title suggests, Gold’s Gym is good for those wanting a cardio workout. While it is often optimal to combine both cardio workouts with occasional strength workouts, the benefits of cardio workouts are numerous. Cardio workouts help you keep your heart healthy, your blood pressure down, your stress levels down, your brain switched on and your immune system strong.

Gold’s Gym Cardio Workout allows you to do a wide variety of different cardio workouts. You can do running, boxing, skipping, and push-ups to name a few. The variety of exercises available is really impressive. You can even try log cutting if you feel so inclined!

You do not have to worry about which exercises to choose. Gold’s Gym has suggested programs and workouts that you can follow. There are workouts for different levels of fitness, so this game is suitable for the beginner and the fitness guru alike. In many ways Gold’s Gym is like having your own personal trainer at a fraction of the cost. You do miss out on the personalized instruction that a typical trainer would give you, but for many people that one downside is not an issue, and it does certainly not justify spending thousands of dollars on actual personal training sessions.

If you already have the Wii Fit game, you can even use the Wii Fit accessories to improve your experience of Gold’s Gym. For example, Gold’s Gym has four exercises that use the Wii Fit balance board.

Another great thing about Gold’s Gym is that is keeps your fitness progress organized. It gives you a schedule to follow and it keeps track of how many calories you burn. All you need to do is turn on the console and follow your trainers suggestions.

If you are not yet sure whether or not Gold’s Gym Cardio is the best Wii fitness game for you, it is worth looking at different online stores as many of these stores allow customers to post reviews. These reviews will point out all the pros and cons of the game. For some people certain pros and cons are not relevant. For other people, those issues are either deal-breakers or huge selling points. Only you will know what features you are looking for in a Wii game, so read as many reviews as you can to get a clear picture of whether or not Gold’s Gym is your best option.

Some people may be hoping for a game that includes some strength training. While Gold’s Gym does include exercises such as squats and push ups, it is a great idea to combine Gold’s Gym with EA Sports Active. EA Sports active allows you to use the resistance band accessory. This will allow you to increase the resistance of certain exercises.

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