Wii Fit Games: Losing Weight with the Wii Fit

Most people are under the unfortunate impression that losing weight requires long sweat sessions at the local gym, or worse, running outside despite deplorable weather. For years, it has been a well known fact that spending all day playing video games is the worst possible way to lose weight.

Or is it?

The Wii fit has revolutionized weight loss for millions of people, who appreciate the ability to combine exercise with video games. It is a lot easier to keep a New Years resolution involving daily exercise if you have entertaining Wii fit games to look forward to every day. The Wii bundle provides users with a variety of interesting games that add variety and excitement to your exercise routine, and make it seem like you are playing games, not exercising. This Wii bundle features games from Nintendo Wii sports such as baseball, golf, boxing, bowling and tennis.

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Or how about the Wii Fit bundle…

There are also a variety of Wii fit games, such as:

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Many of the games listed above feature the balance board, which allows you to partake in over 40 exciting activities and exercises. Some of the activities that use the Wii Fit Balance Board include yoga, strength training, snowboarding and skateboarding. The balance board allows you to control what’s happening on the screen by shifting your weight. Another advantage of the Wii Fit Balance Board is that it allows you to check you BMI at any time. Al you need to do is enter your height into the Wii Fit and then stand on the balance board. It will read your weight and check your BMI for you!

Finally, the Wii Fit bundle with the balance board allows you to track your progress over a long period of time. It can display your changing BMI and performance on various activities in understandable graphs and charts. You can set goals and use the Wii Fit to track how close you are to achieving those goals!