Wii Fit Games: My Fitness Coach 2

The much anticipated My Fitness Coach 2 is now available for Wii users worldwide. If you are a fan of the original My Fitness Coach, then you may be somewhat surprised by the sequel. The two games happen to be very different. So, if you are hoping for an upgrade or improvement on My Fitness Coach, you may be disappointed. However, if you keep in mind that My Fitness Coach 2 simply has a different style of presentation to the original, you may find it very much worth your while.

For those new to the My Fitness Coach craze, My Fitness Coach 2, as the name suggests, is intended to act like your own home-based personal trainer or fitness coach. It keeps track of your fitness goals and your current fitness level. It provides workout programmes that are suitable for you and that will help you achieve your goals. And it keeps track of your progress as you get fitter and fitter.

There are a variety of fitness goals that you can choose from, such as getting six pack abs, losing weight or lowering cholesterol. The only thing left out from the goal options is bodybuilding, but that is because there is only so much muscle you can build without proper weight lifting equipment.

My Fitness Coach 2 has over 80 different exercises. It also allows you to use various Wii accessories, such as the balance board, for some of the exercises.

Importantly, My Fitness Coach 2 does not just focus on exercise. Exercise is only ever part of the package if you are trying to get healthy. Thus, My Fitness Coach 2 includes a highly customized nutrition program. The game provides hundreds of healthy recipes to choose from. You do not need to worry about choosing the best recipes either. My Fitness Coach 2 tells you which recipes are best suited to helping you reach your fitness goals. This takes all the guess work and uncertainty out of nutrition for you. If you wish, you can even modify the recipes in some ways to suit your own personal tastes.

My Fitness Coach 2 takes the nutrition aspect even further than suggesting recipes. The game gives you an entire weekly eating plan. It also produces a shopping list for you so you do not have to waste time trying to work out what you do and do not need to buy. This focus on nutrition is one thing that sets My Fitness Coach 2 apart from other most of the other Wii fit games.

There are a large number of Wii games on the market that are intended to help you improve your fitness. My Fitness Coach 2 is just one such game. Some of the games are ideal for some people, but not for others. If you are fairly new to regular exercise, or if you are not physically capable of doing intense workouts, then My Fitness Coach 2 may be a good choice for you. It is similar to the Wii Fit game in the sense that it is not designed to get you to an elite level of fitness. Other games such as EA Sports Active are better suited to that purpose. My Fitness Coach 2 is best for people who are just keen to get moving.

One downside of My Fitness Coach 2 is that you are not able to customize the workouts. If this bothers you, then Wii Fit or Wii Fit 2 maybe be a better option for you. Otherwise, My Fitness Coach 2 is a very solid game that is sure to help you improve your health and the way you feel about yourself.