Wii Fit Games: My Fitness Coach

My Fitness Coach is an interactive game that provides the ‘client’ with a responsive personal trainer avatar or Mii. Your fitness coach walks you through setting the game up for your routines, welcomes you when you come to work out, and guides you through the workout with encouragement and educational tips.

My Fitness Coach is an excellent tool if a person doesn’t have the knowledge, the inclination, or the desire to design their own workouts. All you need is the game and a few Wii Fit accessories to get a decent workout. If you prefer to set it and forget it, read on.

The Fitness Coach will prompt you to choose your focus for the day. These are chosen form yoga, upper or lower body, core, and cardio. The coach also prompts you to set your music preference and workout duration. Workouts are chosen based on your chosen parameters, including what equipment you have on hand, and you follow along with your Fitness Coach on the screen. The results? This can be about as difficult or easy a workout as you like. The only factor that is left to chance is the player.

Although for a lot of people the idea of following a talking cartoon character in a Wii game may seem too silly to consider, once you have tried it you may give the idea its proper respect. Of course the coach is motivational, positive, and inexpensive; but the bottom line is the coaches consistency. As with a good personal trainer, you follow a routine that is set out for you ahead of time, leaving you no wiggle room for slacking off. Of course, you might not be able to simply walk away from a live personal trainer, but then again, if you walk away from the My Fitness Coach Mii character, it probably doesn’t matter whether the coach is real or not.

Overall, My Fitness Coach is a thorough, exciting, and informative workout game, with excellent graphics that are comfortable to look at.

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Trailer for the Wii My Fitness Coach game: