Wii Fit Games: Nutrition and the Wii Fit

If you have not yet bought into the Wii Fit game craze, now is a good time to get in. There are so many fitness and nutrition games out on the market that you are sure to find one that suits your fitness goals. The game that started it all, Wii Fit, combined with its sequel, Wii Fit 2, is still the most popular.

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However, Wii Fit falls short in one crucial area: nutrition. Any health professional will tell you that nutrition is even more vital than exercise when it comes to improving your health. Of course, a combination of good nutrition and exercise is what you need, but too many people make the mistake of discounting nutrition entirely. As the saying goes, you are what you eat, so if you are still eating junk, your body will still feel like junk.

Fortunately, there are a number of Wii games that now offer nutritional advice. Some games offer the complete package, combining both nutritional and exercise plans. However, if you already have the Wii Fit game, you may want to consider buying a game called Nutrition Matters. Many people who see the need to incorporate dietary considerations into their Wii Fit exercise program are now using Nutrition Matters for all their nutritional needs.

Although Nutrition Matters is technically called a game, you do not really “play” it. It is just a piece of software that provides you will all the information you need to get your diet back on the healthy track. The best thing about this game is that it matches up your nutritional needs with your fitness goals. Most people who try to lose weight do not know what they need to eat in order to succeed. Nutrition Matters takes care of this problem for you. All you need to do is tell the game what you want to achieve, as well as some other information like your activity level. Then Nutrition Matters will come up with an eating plan that is custom designed to bring you to success.

Fortunately, although Nutrition Matters does give you nutritional advice, it does not tell you exactly what to eat for each of your meals. The game gives you a variety of choices for each of your meals. All of these meals will help you achieve your goals, so you do not need to worry about choosing the wrong one. Just choose whichever one you like best, then move onto the next meal.

Nutrition Matters also presents your meal selections in a convenient format so you can easily read off what meals you need to prepare for the day.

The nutritional advice provided by Nutrition Matters is based on scientifically verified nutritional benchmarks. This means you know that you are receiving the best advice out there.

One of the downsides of the game is that it does not come with a first class user interface. The menus can, at times, be frustrating to navigate. Also, the sound effects are not as satisfying as you may have come to expect with other Wii games. However, if you can overlook these deficiencies, Nutrition Matters is generally a very solid game. It does serve its purpose of being a one-stop-shop for nutritional information and advice.

Nutrition Matters does not require you to buy any extra Wii accessories. You can buy the game by itself, or as part of a bundle with a game like Wii Fit. As mentioned above, combining Nutrition Matters with Wii Fit is a great idea. Wii Fit gets you doing fun exercise routines, and Nutrition Matters helps keep you focused on eating the right thing. If you combine these two games and use them properly, you will no doubt see massive improvements in your body and fitness levels.