Wii Fit Games: Your Shape

The fitness genre is currently the fastest growing video game genre at the moment. People are flocking to stores to buy the latest fitness games for their Wii console. It seems that everyone just loves being able to work out at home in front of their TV.

Naturally, many of the big game development companies are trying to cash in on the Wii fitness game market. One such company is Ubisoft. Ubisoft has produced a variety of highly successful games on many different platforms. For this reason, their release of the Your Shape game for the Nintendo Wii was highly anticipated by many in the fitness game community.

Your Shape is similar to the older My Fitness Coach game, as it seeks to combine both fitness and nutrition advice to give you a holistic approach to improving your health. It keeps track of your fitness progress, so you never need to worry about recording all the details yourself. The game allows you to set goals and deadlines in which to achieve them. All of this helps you stay motivated and focused. It is almost like having your own personal trainer egging you on and keeping tabs on you to make sure you do not go off track.

Your Shape has a wide variety of different exercises that you can do. In fact, there are well over 400 different exercises that you can do with this game. However, Your Shape is not one of the many balance board games on the market, so if you have a balance board already, you will not be able to reuse it with Your Shape.

Because the range of exercises in Your Shape is so large, you can use the game to achieve various fitness goals. If you want to build some muscle or lose some weight, then Your Shape will customize an exercise program to help you achieve this. The game provides an easy to use interface that allows you to select individual parts of your body to work on. Once you have selected a body part, the game will tell you what you should do to work on it.

When Your Shape chooses exercises and workouts for you, it not only takes into consideration your fitness goals, it also takes into consideration your current fitness level and your availability to exercise. There is nothing that saps your motivation more than a workout program that you cannot do simply because you are not yet fit enough or because you do not have the time to do it. Your Shape takes your personal situation into account to help keep your motivation high.

Another nice feature of Your Shape is that there is no need to hang on to remote controls. All of your movements will be recorded by a little camera. These movements can be viewed on your television so you can make improvements to your technique while you work out. The game then analyzes these movements to assess your progress and performance. The camera is perhaps the most sophisticated and most useful of the Wii accessories to be released so far. Thus, the camera makes up for the lack of balance board usage.

As mentioned above, Your Shape helps you with your eating habits in addition to your exercise habits. Nutrition is critical to good health and a terrific looking body. In fact, most scientists agree that nutrition is even more important than exercise. Of course, you need both to get the results you want. Your Shape takes this to heart and does a good job of providing you with meal plans and nutritional advice to complement your exercise program. Not many other fitness games offer this kind of advice, so if you feel like you need to improve your diet, then Your Shape may be a wise choice for you.