Wii Fit in 6: Gonna Make You Sweat

Wii Fit In Six aims to have you in shape in six months or less, the latest in a long line of workout games coming for control of your consoles. It’s the first workout game from Ubisoft, a purveyor of mostly quality games, and actually comes with a camera that hooks to your Wii. Fit in 6 Works as a kind of P90X for your Wii, if you can believe the hype on the cover about dynamic workouts, and on some levels it does, and even offers some bonuses. In the end, however, Fit in Six Wii falls short of being any more than a fancy version of a workout DVD.

Make no mistake. Wii Fit in Six will have you burning calories, or gaining muscle, or any of several other goals. The workouts in this game are brutal, grouped into six different categories. Workouts are, thankfully, as long as you’d like them to be, and if you’re just starting to work out, you’ll probably want to take it easy. These workouts will leave you sore, sweaty, and thoroughly exercised, no doubt about it. The added points system helps you work towards being fit, awarding you points for workouts completed, and the added camera aids in making sure your form is correct, and adds a bit of novelty as well.

However, beyond displaying you on the screen, the camera doesn’t really do anything else. It’s inclusion as an aid to form is appreciable, but it’s basically a fancy mirror. Don’t expect any fancy Kinect tricks out of this thing. Also, beyond seeing yourself displayed on TV, the game features no other interaction despite using the Wii remote for menu navigation. This is a video game that doesn’t need any controller, let alone a motion controller, and that’s another place it falls short: interaction. We get no tracking of our stats, as in Wii Fit, and we get no other satisfaction other than points gained from the workout.

The game itself starts with you selecting your age, weight, and height, and then selecting one of fifteen goals, such as “Lose Weight” or “Gain Muscle Mass”. Workouts are pulled from six categories, flexibility, cardio, balance, core body strength, upper body strength and lower body strength. These workouts are tailored to your performance level and your selected goal. Workout randomization ensures that you’ll never do the same workout twice in a row.

All in all, if you’re just looking for a fitness title that will have you sweating off the pounds, Fit in 6 is probably a safe bet. It’s a solid workout, and results are already being proven online that the workout regimen within is solid. However, the lack of interaction, the ho-hum use of the camera, and the general generic feel of the game all work against it. Perhaps if Ubisoft had thought to include more interaction, and therefore more fun in our workout, this game might have done a little better. As a workout, it works. As a game, though, it falls flat.