Wii Games: A Boy and His Blob

The Wii game entitled ‘A Boy and His Blob’ is a two dimensional puzzle game, which was released in 2009. This Wii game is a re-imagining of an old Nintendo game.

The rebirth of the main human character in the 2009 edition of the game saw changes, which made him appear much younger and rounder in body shape. His companion named Blob was designed to be made more faithful so that a mutual relationship akin to that between a man and his dog could be developed between the two.

The story behind this Wii game is simple. A far away planet called Blobolonia becomes under threat from a villainous Emperor and the title character Blob escapes from the planet and lands on the Earth requiring plenty of help. Blob comes into contact with the Boy and together they launch a mission to oust the malevolent Emperor. They attempt to do this by first carrying out a mission based on the Earth and then subsequently traveling to Blobolonia. However, the Emperor instructs minions to prevent them.

With my control, Boy and Blob are able to advance through various levels. However, an array of obstacles prevents their advancement and these hurdles must be defeated to enable completion of each level. Only once I have done this so can I move on.

Under my instruction, Boy can provide Blob with consumable jelly beans. Consumption of jelly beans causes Blob to transform into one object out of a possible fifteen distinct objects, all of which can be utilized to work out solutions to puzzles and to defeat assailants. When I instruct Boy to call out for Blob, Blob will metamorphose into its original form and will physically accompany Boy, who can reprimand Blob to ensure that Blob behaves. If I let Boy come into physical contact with an enemy or any other hazard or if I let him plunge from a considerable height, this will result in Boy’s death.

Like with other Wii games, I can take control of this A Boy and His Blob through the Wii Controller. Unlike other games, this Wii game features a button which when used, serves no purpose other than to instruct Boy to give Blob a hug. So sweet! How many Wii games have you played that had a “hug” button?

Trailer for the Wii A Boy and His Blob game: