Wii Games: Boom Blox Bash Party

There won’t be many games that come around in your lifetime in which Steven Spielberg and EA collaborate. In this case, they’ve designed a classic. Combining one of the greatest imaginations of all time with a game company with a stellar record and plenty of experience has led to one of the most enjoyable and popular games ever designed for the Wii. This game is Boom Blox Bash Party, which is the sequel to Boom Blox. Before we even get to game details and upgrades, let’s go over price and customer feedback. While Boom Blox Bash party has a list price of $29.99, it can be found new on Amazon for only $21. You can also save a few extra dollars if you buy used. Used units are currently selling for $17.99. If you want the collectible version, it will run you $51.25. You can also add some Nintendo Wii accessories to upgrade your experience, which is often well worth the investment.

These prices offer tremendous value, especially considering what customers have had to say. Over 93% of customers have been more than satisfied with this product. That’s not just a good number, it’s astronomical. Of 50 reviewers, 35 gave it the highest rating possible. Now, the question becomes, why is this game so popular and well-received?

That question can be answered in so many ways. The first thing you should be aware of is that there are 400 new levels and many new worlds with unique and interesting characters. Add new blox and tools to the list and you’re living in a world of crazy adventure. There are also twice as many team play challenges as there were on the original. Since we’re on the topic of ‘new,’ let’s look at what else Boom Blox Bash Party has to offer in that category. There are new shapes, which include cylinders and wedges. There are new toys, which include a cannon and slingshot. And best of all, there are new opportunities for destruction and chaos. Oh, wait, there’s more. You will be able to build your own levels with Create Mode. How cool is that?

While stats for customer feedback are important, knowing what they actually said is even more telling. Here are the most used adjectives in review titles for Boom Blox Bash Party: great, addictive, catchy, fun, super, high quality. To optimize your experience, also consider adding the wiimote. Regardless of what tools you choose to use, you’re sure to have one of the best video gaming experiences of a lifetime.

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