Wii Games: Monster Hunter Tri with Classic Controller Pro

The latest and greatest RPG game created for the Wii system is “Monster Hunter Tri”. It is currently available in stores throughout North America. The best news of all is that’s it’s also available in a bundle with the Classic Controller Pro. An add on that was previously only available in Japan. If you purchase the two together it will cost you $59.99.

After a great run on the PlayStation Portable, Monster Hunter is finally being released onto the Wii system, this means only one thing that it’s “hunting season” once again. As of April 2010; Monster Hunter Tri for the Wii console started shipping to retailers across the United States. Traditionally, Nintendo unveils new add-ons alongside its own software.

Bundled with the Monster Hunter Tri is it’s new Classic Controller Pro. Therefor this has not become just a launch of a game, it has also become the 1st launch of the new Wii controller in North America. The controller is designed just as the basic controllers have been in the past, the only differences now are the hand grips and the extra shoulder buttons.

As of April 2010; the servers for Monster Hunter Tri have officially gone online, this means that many Monster Hunter players who are dying to jump into the character of Ironbeard McCullough can now begin their gaming experience as well as use their monster hunting skills.

As well as adding the new controller to the mix, which include the original Classic Controller, Nunchuk & WiiMote combos, players will also be able to use the Wii Speak for this game so they can talk back and forth through voice chat with other gamers all while playing the game themselves at the same time.

The Monster Hunter series has a huge following over in Japan, with many top-selling releases on the Play Station Portable System. With it’s new release on Wii it has already become the highest selling Wii game in that territory as well. It sold a grand total of 600,000 copies in it’s first week.

It is commonly known that the best Wii selling games seem to all be published by Nintendo itself. The same goes for many of the titles that are able to get a huge online following as well.

Steve Singer, the Vice President of Licensing for Nintendo of America said that Monster Hunter became a very big deal overseas in Japan and he is absolutely confident that it will do the same here, especially coming along with that new controller in the bundle. There are many gamers out there who enjoy gaming on the Nintendo Wii System. Monster Hunter Tri will give anyone a great gaming experience on the Wii, while the Classic Controller Pro will also add to the options for how gamers play their favorite Wii games.

Game without the controller:
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Here’s a nice trailer (the official trailer) for Monster Hunter Tri: