Wii Games: Rock Band 2 Special Edition

Do you have any interest in becoming a rock legend? Only a few short years ago, unless you had exceptional skills, this was not a possibility. However, if you’re the proud owner of a Wii and have a desire to rock the world, you can now make your dream come true with the Wii Rock Band 2 Special Edition. That said, don’t get too excited too fast. These games are difficult to come by. As a matter of fact, there has been so much demand for them in the United States that sales are being limited. Now you’re only allowed to have two per household. Of course, there are ways around this, but why would you need more than two copies, anyway? That might be one confusing aspect with the design and sale of RB2SE, but all the potential negatives stop there. For instance, the customer satisfaction rating is 96%, which is beyond incredible.

If you’re looking into purchasing Wii Rock Band 2 Special Edition, then you’re definitely going to need the Wii guitar. Once you get a hold of it in your hands, you’re never going to want to let go. Well, at least not for several hours, anyway. That being the case, don’t pick up the Wii guitar until you have created your own band. This aspect of the game can deliver hours of fun on its own. You can also custom create a character that looks exactly like you, which is really cool. Just make sure you do ‘yourself’ justice. There will be leader boards and band data to follow, and if you ever quit a set early, you will lose fans. If you do complete a gig and the fans are happy, you will get a cut of the earnings, which will allow you to add accessories for your band.

If you’re the competitive type, then you will also enjoy the Tour Challenges. You can compete by genre, instrument, decade, and more. However, if you’d like to sharpen your skills prior to competition, you can do that as well. You will have an opportunity to improve your skills on lead guitar, bass guitar, drums, or vocals. With some hard work and a lot of passion, you could end up being one the greatest rockers of all time – local or online. And if you just want to rock in freestyle drum mode, go for it.

Wii Rock Band 2 Special Edition offers 100 new songs and better instruments than Rock Band 1. Look into wii accessories for more information. Just be careful. Once you start playing, there’s a chance you won’t leave the house for days. It’s that addictive.