Wii Games: Some New Wii Games for 2010

Wii games, by Nintendo are revolutionizing the way we view video-game consoles. As a corporation, Nintendo is striving to be cutting-edge with new releases that are for a vast array of consumers. Some games focus on sports, others on exercise and health & fitness, while others are intended for the youth, and the thrill-seekers.

Mercury Meltdown Revolution is a new game for the year 2010. It is one in a series of puzzle games that also includes Mercury Meltdown and Archer Macleans Mercury. Most people have given positive feedback in regards to Mercury Meltdown. Many people report that controller movements are easily sensed, and that is suitable for players of all ages and skill levels. A player is going to guide a mercury blob around a futuristic set of environments, they will move test tubes, machinery, spikes, rotating walkways, and many other obstacles which the player will need to overcome if they are to reach the end-level, which is beyond level one hundred and fifty.

Another interesting game to look forward to in the year 2010 is Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1. This version is different from the other games in the Sonic series because instead of there just being the elements of platforming and the use of speed, in this version you also have to integrate a new element of sward-play. In this edition, Sonic is controlled by using the analog stick, while the game-play itself is motioned in 3D. Sonic is venturing through towns. There are people in these villages that he can talk to in order to gather information that will be helpful to use in various circumstances within the game, running into others he must battle with. Once certain levels are reached, additional characters from the previous games in this series will begin to travel and assist Sonic in waging these battles to conquer future levels. Up to four players may jump into the action, each selecting from one of twelve characters.

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Another game to be released in 2010 is one entitled “Elebits”. In this game, the world is fed by an energy source known as elebits. In the beginning stages of this game, the player is exploring rooms in a house, eventually the house itself, expanding to the neighborhood and beyond from there. The player(s) move objects in the world to go in search of the little creatures, and when the player finds them, they use a capture gun to eliminate the threat. As you catch the elebits in each level, the energy level in that town is slowly restored, which makes vision easier, and it also makes it so you can use certain appliances along with anything else that would require electricity. When trying to capture these pesky little critters there will be a variance of how easily this feat is obtained; some will fly around, and others will move very rapidly in order to elude being caught, and some are captured with ease. In this game there is also an “edit mode”, this feature allows the gamer to create their own situations, challenging other people to play by use of the Internet.

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Another edition to the family of 2010 releases by Nintendo Wii is a game called AMF Bowling PINBUSTERS! The controller allows people to feel as though they are really bowling. A player simply moves the controller in a way that mimics actual bowling. In this version of Wii bowling, you can choose from twelve characters and multiple locations. There are several option for the player to select from, you can elect to use mirrored bowling balls, strobe effects, and you can elect to have neon lights activated while you play. Much like previous bowling games introduced by Nintendo for use in their Wii system’s, this game does not include any options to notify the system that the player is a left handed bowler. This game does include a pass-and play option, which allows multiple players to use the same controller. This will come in handy in the event that you only have one working controller, or if you have lost one, leaving you with only a single controller that you can presently use. This version also supports many multi-player modes.

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Wii games can be fun, exciting, and usually borderline-realistic. Nintendo is striving to make their games innovative as well as accurate in regards to normal perception. In the year 2010, many new releases will reflect the ongoing efforts Nintendo is making in a pursuit to grab the appreciation of users worldwide. By integrating a portion of their new-arrivals into internet-based-game-play, this is only another small movement being made on a much larger scale.