Wii Games: Wii DDR-What’s All the Hype About?

Dance Dance Revolution, also known as DDR, has been popular for years, and with good reason: DDR is an exciting interactive video game that combines great music with exciting dance moves. It has long been held as one of the best ways to exercise, especially if you hate exercising. In fact, it was previous versions of DDR, in part, that first inspired the whole Wii dance and Wii fit craze that has rocked the nation.

So, if there are several perfectly fine versions of DDR available, why invest in the new Wii Dance Dance Revolution?

The answer is simple: the new Wii DDR is superior to older versions. It combines new music and new dances with a number of added modes and features that enhance the difficulty and add interest to the game. This DDR game was designed exclusively for the new Nintendo Wii, and as such, features the easy to understand and play qualities that all Nintendo Wii games seem to have. Other advantages of the Wii’s Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party are listed and described below.

Play with up to four people!

One aspect of previous versions of DDR that I did not particularly enjoy was that the game was limited to two players. Often, I would have several friends over and we would have to alternate rounds of DDR. It was fun to watch my friends play DDR for awhile, but quickly got old. I wanted to be dancing on the DDR mat the whole time! The Wii version of DDR solved this problem with one of the many superior Wii accessories: the four player DDR dance mat. Now, I can have dance parties with four people, or if we feel like alternating players, eight people. It has made the game that much more competitive, and that much more fun!

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New Songs
I’ve always liked the DDR soundtracks because of the energetic beats they feature. However, after awhile, I find myself craving new songs. The Wii version of DDR delivers a full new soundtrack with hits spanning the last four decades. It has a huge variety of genres, so there are songs to fit every taste in music.

New Modes
In addition to the traditional workout and competition modes, DDR has added new modes to enhance the experience. These include a training mode that teaches you new moves, as well as the Kind Support Mode and Friendly Synch mode.

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