Wii Games: Wii Flight Simulators and Accessories

Since the beginning of the Nintendo Wii’s debut on the video game scene, flight simulator enthusiests have been waiting to give the nun-chuck a crack. Traditional flight simulators would utilize a joystick and other controls to allow the user to steer their simulated airplanes. With the Nintendo Wii, users are given a great option for the control of their airplanes and can have a real time version of the joystick through their nun-chuck. So what are the best flight simulators and accessories for the Wii?

Flight Simulators

1) Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces

Sky Crawlers is definitely the best flight simulator on the Nintendo Wii. The game has some really great graphics and awesome aerial action. When you get some experience, you’re able to unlock some really great planes and the maneuvers available are better than any other flight simulator on Wii.

2) Blazing Angels

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The next best flight simulator for the Wii is Blazing Angels. Although the controls and the graphics aren’t the best out there, the campaign is pretty long and gives some interesting spins on the traditional flight simulator. There are a few multiplayer games that you can play to spice up your gaming experience. The default controls aren’t the best so customize them as you see fit.

3) Heatseeker

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Heatseeker isn’t the best flight simulator that I’ve ever played, but does have its moments. This game will put you in control of a fighter jet and send you on various missions all over the world. The campaign is around eighteen missions in four locations and gives you hours of enemies to destroy.

Flight Simulator Accessory

CTA Airplane Navigator for Wii

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This is a really cool accessory to have for your Wii flight simulators. This Wii accessory will adapt your controller and your nun-chuck into the same style as a commercial airliner. At the bottom of the controls, you’ll find a suction cup so you can stick it to your coffee table or floor while you’re playing

When you’re choosing a flight simulator for your Wii, always read through online reviews and discussion forums for the best controller set-ups and walk-throughs. Finding a flight simulator that corresponds with the era that you like is essential. If you would rather fly a fighter jet, go with Heatseeker. If you’re a World War II fan, check out Blazing Angels.