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Perfect Shot for Wii Perfect Shot for Wii
Perfect Shot for Wii is exactly what you need if you love playing shooting games on the Wii. This product offers a pistol like grip, has tactile triggers and can be operated with one hand with ease.

Wii Zapper with Link's Crossbow Training Wii Zapper with Link’s Crossbow Training
This gun peripheral product is designed for ease of handling and perfect aiming in various shooting games. Simply insert Wii Remote and Nunchuk in the Zapper, take aim and shoot.

Resident Evil Magnum Blaster and Knife Set Resident Evil Magnum Blaster and Knife Set
As lethal as it may sound, the knife comes with a safe PU foam material edge and dual triggers for separate A & B buttons. This is a must-have for any Resident Evil fan who wants to slice zombies in style.

Wii Motion Plus Pistol Gun Kit Wii Motion Plus Pistol Gun Kit
If you like going for the overkill while playing shooting games, this pistol is a perfect pick for you. Its conventional one-handed pistol-like grip helps in aiming and shooting while the remote slide locking mechanism makes the action appear real.

Wii Nerf Switch Shot with Red Reveal Wii Nerf Switch Shot with Red Reveal
If you have quite a few shooting game fans in your family belonging to different age groups, pick the Nerf Switch Shot Blaster and use it as a foam dart launcher, a BOT shooter or a zapper.

Wii Quick Shot Pro Wii Quick Shot Pro
Whether you like playing first-person shooter games, rail shooter games or target shooting games for Wii, this is the only gun that is compatible with all three games and can accommodate all official Wii remotes and configurations that are currently available.

Sniper Elite Sniper Elite
This shooting game is as real as it gets with the player donning the avatar of an elite American sniper who is on a mission to stop the Russian forces from gaining access to German nuclear research.

Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2011: Limited Edition 2 Pack
This Wii game combines the thrill of hunting with shooting as the player or players embark on an adventurous journey to capture one of the deadliest beasts in the world.

Wii SureShot Rifle
This rifle is like none other availble in the market and comes with a detachable stock and barrel and can be used in multiple modes for a wide range of shooting as well as hunting games. Its solid build and lightweight makes it extremely easy to handle while giving it an authentic look.

Wii Sharp Shot
Get maximum functionality and control with this double trigger gun that supports motion plus and is an ideal accessory for all target shooting, rail shooting as well as first-person shooting games supported by Wii.

Wii Gun Bundles and More..

Cabela’s Big Game Hunter 2012 with Top Shot Elite
This hunting game will take you through dense forests and snow covered mountains in the pursuit of various animals whose movements offer a clue about their next move. This game will test more than just your reflexes and target shooting skills.

Gunslingers Bundle with 2 Revolver Guns
Live out your Wild Wild West fantasy with this four-player rail shooter game that is packed with action and spans over twelve exciting stages. Look out for the trap shoot and the deadly survival mode.

The Hunt
This exciting hunting game has both avid hunters and gamers hooked with its engaging game play as well as its shooting accessory that has a sleek design, is lightweight and comes with a real bolt-action reload.

Heavy Fire Afghanistan
Get a taste of the swift military action in present day Afghanistan as you wield the gun to flush out the enemy from impenetrable forests and undertake risky rescue operations in shadowy caves.

Pirate Blast
Give the blood and gore a miss with this fun and exciting videogame where you will have to stop Captain Grease and his henchmen from taking control of Vile Isle.

Wii Quick Shot Plus in Camo
A perfect accessory for all Wii supported first-person, rail shooting and target shooting games, this gun comes with dual triggers and rubberized grip. Simply aim and shoot with this gun.

Cobalt Flux Gun
You can play for hours with this Wii remote gun as its ergonomic design ensure zero strain on the wrist and can be operated with one hand so that the other is free to control the Nunchuck.

Chicken Riot
Finally, a shooting game with a difference, Chicken Riot will leave you and your family rolling on the floor with laughter as you pull out your guns to stem a chicken rebellion in a farm.

Wicked Monster Blast Bundle with 2 Blasters
This family shooting game can be enjoyed by members of all ages as they play in groups of two to take over the world. You can select from a cast of crazy characters and have to solve puzzles along the way.

Wii Gun Accessories and Shooting Games

For all of you gaming enthusiast out there who love shooting games, the Wii has a variety of gun accessories and shooting games that allow you to get your fix. Wii has developed a number of accessories that make your experience during your shooting games much more enjoyable. Also, Wii has also came out with a number of shooting games that vary in the content and skill level required to play. In this article I am going to discuss many of the different gun accessories as well as a variety of Wii games that Wii has come out with.

First, I will talk about the many different shooting games that you can play on your Wii.

Hunting Games

Some of the most popular shooting games out there are hunting games. Hunting games allow you to experience the thrill of the hunt without ever having to leave your home. Here is a list of hunting games produced by Nintendo Wii and a brief synopsis of what the game is all about:

Cabella’s Big Game Hunter- This is a great game for the hunting enthusiast. This game allows you to do many different types of hunts and is VERY realistic. With this game you can choose the type of hunt you wish to play. You can choose to do the game hunt which requires you to implement real life hunting skills such as using calls, tracking animals, and being sneaky. During the game hunt, you are hunting down a particular animal depending on what level you have made it to in the game. There is a bear, deer, mule deer, ram, and moose hunt plus many more! During these hunts you earn points by doing things correctly such as following tracks and making an ethical and accurate shot. You can also choose to do a freestyle type hunt. This type of hunt is more relaxed and is intended for just having a good time! In these hunts you are able to walk around the woods and shoot any of the critters you see. Squirrels, Rabbits, Turkeys, anything that walks is fair game!! With this video game you are able to enjoy both the realistic hunting experience as well as the relaxed freestyle hunting style. With this game, you get the best of both worlds!

Deer Drive- Unlike the Cabella’s hunting game, this game is more of an arcade type came rather than a lifelike hunting game. This game has both single mode as well as party mode which allows up to four players! A new addition to this game is the two-player competition mode that allows you to challenge your buddies to a one on one match to see who is the best shooter. The overall concept of this game is to kill as many deer that run across the screen as you can. Don’t let this simple concept fool you, this game is fast paced and you better be ready to pull the trigger at all times! During the game you will also encounter mini games which require you to do different tasks to earn different weapons. For example you may have to defend your life by killing the grizzly bear or kill ten rabbits during a certain time frame. This game is very fun and will keep you and your friends on your toes!

War Games

The next genre of shooting games I am going to discuss is War games. These games are very popular and like the hunting games require different skill levels as well as different concepts.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare- This is the newest war game to hit the shelves! This is one of the first war games to move away from wars of the past and simulate the wars of today. This game puts you right in the action and tests your shooting skills and much more. This game requires you to be on the lookout at all times. The realistic graphics in this game are mind blowing! The overall purpose of this game is to complete the missions that you are given without being killed in the process. This game allows you to become the soldier and puts you right there on the battlefield. This game received an average rating of 5 stars on nearly all of the gaming sites out there.

Medal of Honor Heroes 2- This game is very similar to call of duty with a few variations. On this specific edition, you are in the shoes of John Berg with a very specific mission. Your mission is to infiltrate Normandy from behind the enemy lines to take out the Nazi regime. This game is very lifelike as well and puts you right in the middle of the action. The overall concept of this game is just what I stated earlier, to successfully complete your mission without being taken out by the enemy. This game received an overall rating of 4.5 stars!

Arcade Shooting Games
The genres of shooting games mentioned earlier require a great deal of skill along with knowledge of the task at hand. If you are looking for a more relaxed style of shooting game, then the arcade style is right for you.

Arcade Shooting Gallery- This game has a very cartoony feel as you navigate through the town to bring order back to the park. In this game you take out enemies with laser guns and bubble bomb pistols. This game is very exciting with colorful graphics and interesting missions! There is never a dull moment when playing this game and it received great ratings!

Please keep in mind that there are thousands of great games in all of these categories as well as many more categories of shooting games. However, now I am going to shift my attention to the many shooting accessories you can purchase to make gaming experience much more enjoyable.

There are a huge variety of guns that are available out there for you to pick from. The way that these guns work is relatively the same. You simply slip your Wii remote into the gun holder that you have chosen and you instantly create a more realistic experience for your shooting game. Some of the gun models hold only the Wii remote but some also accommodate the Nun Chuck as well. Here I am going to discuss a variety of the different gun models available.

Wii Zapper- This it the most common gun model available. The reason this model is so popular is because it can accommodate both the Wii remote as well as the Nun Chuck. The Wii Zapper allows you to experience an authentic trigger pull as well as a comfortable grip. This gun is great for shooting games that require strategy and maneuvering because with this model, the Nun Chuck is mounted right in front of you making it easy to maneuver and shoot at the same time!

Wii Magnum Gun- This gun gives you the feel as if you are shooting a real pistol at your television! This gun does not accommodate the Nun Chuck so it is more suitable for the arcade type shooting games where you are simply aiming at targets as they move across the screen. The Magnum Gun is built very similarly to an authentic piston so you can easily hold it in one hand with a comfortable grip as well as experience the feeling of pulling the trigger. This gun is even equipped with sights to make aiming at your targets more lifelike and simpler!

Wii Shooting Gun- This gun has a very unique feature that none of the others have. This gun replaces both your Wii remote and your nun chuck. This gun operates as a standard Nintendo remote giving you both control and aiming abilities built into one remote. All of the buttons that you need to control the game are right there in your hand. The Shooting Gun was also designed for Wii shooting games so the buttons are all strategically placed. Not only does this gun replace your other remotes but also looks great! It has a sleek black design that models the look of a pistol and even has an authentic “pistol grip”!

As you can see, there are many different accessories and games out there that allow you to pick the type of experience you wish to receive. By choosing the game you are most interested in and purchasing the gun that suites your need, you have the ability to build your own unique gaming experience that is perfect for you!