Wii Guns: Coolest Wii Gun Accessories

Shooting games on the Nintendo Wii are some of the most popular. Trying to pretend that you are shooting the screen with just the WiiMote is no fun at all, so tons of different Wii accessories have been created to make this all more enjoyable and realistic. However, not all of them are created equal, some are much better than others. I want to share with you some of the coolest Wii gun accessories that are currently on the market.

The classic is the Wii Zapper, it’s the only one that is an “official product” made by Nintendo. It works great, and aims very accurately. The coolest thing about the Wii Zapper is that it comes with Link’s Crossbow Training that teaches you how to properly use the gun, while playing with Link from The Legend Of Zelda. If you are looking for something that is always going to work, comes with the extra game, and don’t mind paying a few extra bucks for it, get the Wii Zapper.

For games like Call Of Duty, it might be more helpful to have something a bit more technical. The Wii Multifunction Gun by CTA Digital works as a handgun or rifle, but has one really cool extra function – it has a built in laser sight! When pinpoint accuracy is what you need to finish the level that you’re on, this is extremely helpful. The laser is powered by a couple of AA batteries.

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Another really cool Wii gun is the Buckshot from Komodo. What makes this one different from the rest of the guns on the market is that it comes with the analog stick built right in to it. The analog stick replaces the nun chuck, so you only have to stick the WiiMote into the gun. This allows the gun to have a much more realistic shape and feel since there doesn’t need to be a spot in it to install the awkward shaped controller extension and cord.

Or at least it was a cool gun. The Buckshot is no longer available. But you might also like this one:
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There are also Wii guns in all sorts of different shapes. Some are shotguns, others are sniper rifles or handguns. Most of these are just plastic holders for the controllers, but give the game a much more realistic feel at an affordable price.

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Adding a quality Wii gun to your collection of accessories will help you have more fun with your shooting games. They work great and actually make the games easier, rather than trying to point the WiiMote at the screen.